Royal Wedding Entertainment for Harry and Meghan's Big Day

Royal Wedding Entertainment for Harry and Meghan's Big Day

Prince Harry and his American showbiz financé Meghan Markle will tie the knot in a grand wedding ceremony in Spring 2018. That got us thinking. Who will provide the entertainment for the Royal couple’s celebration do? 

We decided to pop an Event Entertainment Guide in the post from 'our people' to give 'their people' some fun product hire options to ponder at The Palace when planning for the Royal couple’s special day! 

Here at Sunshine Events we have loads of ways to help everyone get involved in this very special event, which is sure to go in the history books!  So, if you are getting married this year yourself  - or just want to join in the wedding celebrations, we have put together some great entertainment options which will help EVERYONE get in the spirit of this very Royal special occasion! 

Six top event theme ideas to help you celebrate the Royal Wedding in style!

1. Have your very own Royal Wedding! 

A Royal Wedding must be sophisticated, especially if the Queen has been invited! But as Harry and Meghan are young, we suggest a mix of classy and exuberant fun the help them celebrate their special day! You too could feel like a prince and princess if you invite the Fun Experts to your party!

Imagine yourselves and your guests walking down a 8m Red Carpet with Stanchions, then sitting on your very own ‘his’ and ‘hers’ Elaborate Wooden Thrones. And with a glamorous Magic Selfie Mirror and Photo Booth or Video Booth, you can capture all the fabulous memories of the day with everyone dressed up to the nines, donning funny hats and giant glasses - posing for those precious pictures for your wedding album!

And for that extra touch of grandeur, you could also hire your very own Royal Bouncy Castle to add to the fun (as featured on TV's Don't Tell the Bride). Or invite Dolly the Rodeo Sheep for something really different to provide more great fun memories for years to come! 


2. Have an Royal East Enders fairground-themed street party!

Roll up roll up for all the fun of the fair! Introduce Meghan to a right Royal East-End knees-up with your very own fairground-themed street party - an event that even the Landlord of the Queen Vic in Albert Square would have appreciated - not to mention Queen Victoria herself! 

So why not hire Traditional Wooden Carts, crammed with Popcorn and Pick and Mix, as well as Traditional Side Stalls such as Coconut Shy, Hook a Duck, Hoopla, Cork Shoot and Tin Can Alley - so all your guests, young and old, can join in the fun?

And as your guests try their luck on the Test of Strength game, enjoy Funfair Rides and posing in front of Crazy Mirrors, we can really show Meghan and her new hubby Harry how us Brits can really let our hair down!

And if the Royal couple are too busy to attend - invite your very own Pearly King and Queen to your event and the magical picture is complete!


3. Have a Royal Las Vegas casino-themed party night!

Meghan will feel right at home at an all-American themed party, where glamour, risk and excitement are the order of the day! 

Dressed in DJs or cocktail dresses, you and your guests will also feel like Royalty as you glide down the Red Carpet, pass through the flame lights, then past the golden statues to enter a stunning Las Vegas themed room for an night of fun game-play - American style!

Your guests can try their luck on the Roulette and Blackjack tables, hosted by highly experienced Croupiers and perhaps win themselves a tidy pile of colourful gaming chips to show off to their friends!

When they have gambled away all their funny money - your guests can enter the exciting Cash Grabber Machine and replenish their supplies, so that they can return to the tables to try their luck again!

Add the Spin the Wheel of Fortune and Play your Cards Right games - and there will be something for everyone to enjoy as they gamble the night away, without losing a single penny!


4. Have a Royal It’s a Knockout Fun Day!

The Royal Family are all keen sportspeople and once even had their very own infamous Grand Knock Out competition in the 80’s for charity on TV - based on the popular It’s a Knockout show! 

Meghan’s new relatives Princess Anne, Prince Edward, Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Fergie led teams of celebrities in the hilarious championship game, which raised over £1M for their respective charities. 

As enthusiastic charity supporters, the young royals Meghan and Harry would surely enjoy the excuse of their wedding celebrations to put on their very own community or charity Fun Day and get stuck in with their subjects by enjoying some competitive and fun activities!

Great for children and adults, as well as for workplace Team Building days, our It’s a Knockout Package is an unforgettable series of fun activities, designed to challenge participants and entertain spectators alike!

Once the warm-ups have got everyone thoroughly prepared, the event begins with the teams racing through each challenge in order to score the most points. 

Participants firstly enjoy an hilarious Walk the Plank game and Giant Egg and Spoon race, then move through scramble nets and over fun inflatables to tackle obstacle courses and other challenges in order to try and finish in the best time! 

Then it's off to the Grand Final for the top two teams in a Tug of War competition to find out who will be on top of the Winners’ Podium!


5. Have a Royal Race Night!

The Queen is partial to horse racing and we are sure that she will be keen to educate Meghan, as a new Royal, on the pleasures of the game and share her secret of success in the racing arena! 

Racehorse ownership is a true Royal tradition. The famous purple and scarlet colours have been used by the family since King Edward V11 adopted them as his own.

Our Roll A Ball Donkey Derby hire gives four players a chance to compete in this exciting and competitive activity and is a game in which everyone can enjoy the thrill of horse-racing for themselves!

The favourites are in the starting gate and the only way they’ll make it to the finishing line is with your help! Then roll the ball up the alleyway to progress your horse along the racetrack and see who will be the champion jockey!

So gee up horsey! The race is on!

You can also enjoy the pleasures of racing in other fun ways too with our Scalextric Race Package; electronically with our Nintendo Switch Hire with Mario Cart Racing and in a virtual world with our VR Experience Hire


6. Have a traditional Royal beach-themed event!

Us Brits - and even the Royal family, love to be beside the seaside - beside the sea! 

So what ever part of the country you are in - let’s invite American beauty Meghan and Prince Harry to experience a traditional English seaside-themed event to celebrate their marriage!

Conjure up childhood memories of your Blackpool, Brighton or Scarborough holidays with Deck Chair or Giant Deck Chair Hire, Seaside Photo Peep Boards, Surfer Dude and Giant Ice Cream Statues and other Seaside Theming Props for all your guests to enjoy!

There’ll be smiles and laughter all day as guests roll up their trousers and don their stripey swimsuits -  or even take a sunny stroll along the prom prom prom! Everyone can have fun enjoying an ice cream or two from a Traditional Ice Cream Bike or some tasty Personalise Rock and Sweets served from a Traditional Wooden Cart.

Max out your seaside theme by introducing Crazy Golf Delux Hire and Roll a Ball Donkey Derby Hire games, then hit the waves with a Surf Simulator Hire and watch your guests really get into the seaside spirit!



Get more inspiration for your entertainment, whatever type of fun event you are having, in Sunshine Event’s Entertainment Guide. Request your copy today!

Photo of Rodeo Sheep: Matthew Grainger Photography