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Virtual Events

Virtual Events

Virtual Events are here - engage with your teams in the virtual world with our fantastic selection of Virtual Event options...

We're excited to announce that The Fun Experts are now able to bring you some fabulous Virtual Event options to not only take your Zoom game to the next level but to help support you in engaging with your teams and your community.

Whether you're seeking some virtually engaging team building ideas; you want to entertain and wow some clients; replicate your annual family fun day or summer party online; or you wish to inspire the health and wellbeing of your communities there is something for everyone.

From one off experiences to a programme of events over a few weeks, we have a fantastic selection of Virtual Events...


Take a step away from the team quiz and bring live interactive music, drinks, dancing and activities to your get togethers. For beverages think Cocktails, Wine, Whisky or Gin tasting. For interactive giggles try Disco bingo or Movie bingo; The Guilty Pleasures live DJ jukebox or the Hands up in the air Club Classics guaranteed to get everyone dancing with brilliants hosts and performers. Why not try Balloon animal making – colourful and totally hilarious or hold a team cookery and dine together experience?.

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Family Friendly

A lot of clients and teams are at home with their families so its crucial to consider including them and tailoring your online experiences to suit the audience. A lot of the entertainment aspects can be family friendly such as Singalong family classics bingo; Let’s Dance Tik Tok style – with a live DJ and follow my leader dance moves & Mocktail tutorials featuring a competition for all the family. There are also a wealth of kids club activities which are super fun to get the children engaged – super hero and fairy face painting, bubble making, musical statues, virtual interactive play, story time, kids yoga to name a few.


Business critical is key right now and to keep that momentum online and bring that element of the ‘coffee break’ or after conference drinks reception we highly recommend including some of the entertainment aspects or use an inspirational speaker or workshop which either resonates with the theme and content of the conference or focuses on skills that can provide delegates with value during the crisis. Our team of experts have a huge off-the-shelf repertoire and can produce bespoke content to educate and keep the attention of online participants.

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Health and Wellbeing 

Absolutely key right now is immune-boosting techniques. Creating moments of stillness and valuable connection amongst communities and teams. Think nutrition advice, yoga, breathe work, mediation, mindfulness, sound baths, energy work, DIY skincare and massage tutorials & fitness and dance classes. And it doesn’t have to be serious - what about Disco Yoga the ultimate glam house music flow; or Laughter Yoga – energising and powerful guffaws; or the latest edition Burlexercise getting your inner show girl on. Get people active, primed and offer moments of calm amongst the chaos. The aim is to invest to inspire people to try something new and seek out regular wellness activities and improve their overall health incrementally.

From Laughing Yoga to Fitness, virtual Mocktail and Tasting Sessions to Family Friendly interactive entertainment and so much more, if you want to (re)engage with your teams, then we can help support you and provide the fun with our selection of Virtual Events.

If you'd like more information on how you can provide a Virtual Event for your teams with The Fun Experts, then contact us today and we would be more than happy to discuss the options available to you!


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