5 ways Virtual Reality can change the world!

5 ways Virtual Reality can change the world!

As quoted by Mark Zuckerberg himself, Virtual Reality was once the dream of science fiction. But the internet was also once a dream, and so were computers and smartphones. When the words VR or Virtual Reality are spoken, it's no secret that people always think of Sci-Fi! So bad they're good 80's movies like the Lawnmower Man, where virtual reality, a technology that would allow you to enter another world, seemed an impossibility. Decades have passed since then; tv shows, food, fashion and hair-do's have all massively improved over the years (especially the latter!) and so has the advancement in technology.

Virtual Reality has boomed, quite literally, and it's apparent that some of us humans are still a little unclear as to what this impressive piece of equipment can do. Here at Sunshine Events, we offer our clients exhilarating, breath-taking, unbelievable experiences (without a doubt). Whether you want to take a trip to Italy; stand in the depths of the deep blue sea; or defend your castle from the oncoming medieval horde, VR offers an endless list of possibilities. But what's exciting is that VR is not only able to knock the socks off the traditional gaming experience, but provide unlimited uses, much more than one first thought and The Fun Experts are about to share with you exactly how.  Sit tight sunshines, this one's gonna be pretty exciting! 

1. Health 

Virtual Reality is a gamechanger in the health industry. Special health care applications are being developed and healthcare is one of the hottest industries where VR is rapidly making a name for itself. One of our personal favourites involves a hospice in South London who is helping cancer patients to tick off their bucket lists - how incredible is that?! A joint venture between Flix Films and Trinity Hospice allows patients to visit back home thanks to the VR headset. 

Ever wondered what it's like to suffer a migraine? Or are you one of those unlucky few who constantly feels they have to defend that it is infact NOT a headache. To put this situation to light, painkiller brand Excedrin gave non-migraine sufferers the chance to experience a migraine firsthand. Huffington Post talks about the emotional video after one man being overwhelmed by the experience. You can check it out right here but warning, make sure you have tissues to hand! 

2. Art 

Ok so we were stunned too when imagining the words art and VR in one sentence but art always believes that something wonderful is about to happen. It's about being courageous, brave and adventurous and yes you guessed it, it's sounding pretty similar to Virtual Reality right about now isn't it? 

Expressing themselves in ways unimaginable, London's Royal Academy's have been showcasing the work of three pioneering artists immersing themselves into the creative possibilities of the future. Take a look here as the BBC guide you through this adventure

3. Fitness

The New Year New Me motto has long passed you by and you're struggling to work out how you're going to fit into your summer shorts (can we just stop for a moment and mention that it's nearly MAY guys, MAY!) Ok panic over, but in all seriousness, exercising isn't everybody's cup of tea and a trip to the gym can seem like a chore for most - that's where VR steps in. Making working out exciting, a Munich-based startup has developed a VR exercise machine that delivers a core workout by making it seem like users are flying and deep-ocean diving - how awesome is that?! Already launched in gyms from London to Tokyo, we're pretty excited about this one. You can even grab yourself one for home in the months to come - if you have $2000 to spare that is! 

4. Entertainment

So you may have read this heading and thought wow that's not a coincidence, of course VR is entertainment! If you did, congrats you're pretty smart but if you're still interested (just one more paragraph to go, hold on in there!) then we're glad you've read on. In this case, what we mean by entertainment is how VR is transforming live theatre. London's National Theatre is reinventing the narrative combining live-action actor's performances with 3-D animation. In a moving performance, 'Draw Me Close', you put on your headset and are guided through a theatre set by an actress in real-time. This puts a whole new level on feeling like you really were in that movie! Hands up if you're excited to be the next Superman? 

5. Dating 

This one does make our Fun Experts giggle but in a millennial world of dating, Virtual Reality has some pretty exciting ventures up its sleeve. That's right, you can say goodbye to swiping left! Ever fancied strolling through Paris during your first date? How about VIP tickets to Cirque de Soleil for your second? And that's right, impress your third date by whisking them off to a truly out-of-this-world experience in space for a gravity moonwalk! At this point, you may think things have gone a little crazy but with the power of VR, your dates have the ability to rival Romeo! 

VR dating has the potential to seem so real, so easy that it may no longer even be thought of as online dating! Question is, is this improving the millennial world of dating or pushing it back even further? Read more here

It's no secret that Virtual Reality is changing the world as we know but are we ready for it? 

With thanks to the BBC, Huffington Post, Bloomberg and Vocativ