Something exciting this way comes...

Something exciting this way comes...
News Articles and Talks | 02-01-2018 | Posted By Ryan Lee

Happy New Year Sunshines!  We're back!

OK, we admit, we're about two weeks behind but welcome to 2018 folks!  We hit the ground running after the festive period and haven't had a chance to look back since. So as you pull up to your desk, which we're sure you missed over the festive break, it's time to get your head into gear and tackle that big task for the year ahead...

How exactly do you kick off a New Year.  We're sure many of you have your own ideas and ways of doing so; perhaps it's the annual setting of new KPI targets.  But that can be done in the 9-5.  We can help you celebrate another way.  If like the Fun Experts, you welcome a New Year instead of saying goodbye to the last, you'll be preparing for your New Year Kick Off Bash.  A chance to invigorate and rejuvenate your workforce and look forward to the year ahead.  You can take some inspiration from a previous blog - giving you the perfect recipe for a great event.

For those of you who ended 2017 with a date circled in your new diary; that big Family Fun Day, the all too important product launch, or your big day itself - the Wedding! - time is ever nearer... 

So what's to come in 2018?

With a year that saw Awards, new faces, new equipment, TV appearances and 1000's of events, how can 2018 compare...

Big Events

Just three weeks into the new year and already we've been to some fantastic events.  We've even taken part in something that is so top secret, we have to wait until April before we can share it with you.  But we can say it involves a famous duo and ........ sssshhhhh, before we say too much!  But we can talk about that time we appeared on Don't Tell The Bride last year, you may have cringed at the grooms choice of dress and suit (Beauty & the Beast!), but our Inflatable Bouncy Castle and Magic Mirror looked a treat in the limelight.

With UCLAN, Lancaster, Manchester, Wolverhampton and further beyond, we attended some memorable University events in 2017 and can't wait for the relationships to continue and grow into 2018.  With Graduations, Fresher Fairs and just a good old student bash, there are some great opportunities coming up in 2018.

Booths saw their staff get together for a massively enjoyable Team Building experience with the Fun Experts!  Introducing a new Team Building / It's a Knockout package, the teams had a great time as they ran, jumped, bounced and dressed their way to victory.  With this new package being such a hit, you may want to see how we can deliver the same WOW factor for your next ice breaker here!

So after visiting you at your event last year, whether it was your traditional Family Fun Day, Exhibition or Wedding, we can't wait for this years invitation ... and for those of you who we may have just missed last year, don't worry, 2018 is the perfect time to start a journey and relationship you'll want for every event.

New Equipment

Looking back, 2017 saw the introduction of some new, fantastic fun to hire including challenging inflatables such as the Football Darts and the mountain of an inflatable that is the Climbing Wall.  For all you techies out there, we saw some amazing additions to our Virtual Reality Experience and even introduced the Nintendo Switch to our collection, which has proved and instant hit with guests nationwide!

This year, the fun will grow as we launch some fantastic new products that will without a doubt impress your guests and drawer in the crowds.  From new inflatables to modern twists on retro games, we promise that you won't be disappointed with what we have to offer for your event and making sure that this year, although still maintaining the traditional fun, we can add something new and exciting.

More Fun Experts

As demand for the Fun Experts grows across the nation (we love you too!), we're constantly on the lookout for new recruits!  We're very proud of our culture here and it's one we like to share across the nation.  We often become a big part of your day, your event and for us to continue to do so, we are always on searching for more Fun Experts to help spread the fun.  So you never know, maybe you know someone who wants's in on the fun ... don't be shy and tell them all about us.

Introducing you to our team of Fun Experts is a pleasure and they are as much a part of the service we provide and your event as the equipment, setting us apart from most others.

...and more surprises

Everyone starts a new year with resolutions, goals they set to achieve.  For 2018, our promise to you is to continue to do what we do best.  But there are a few surprises on the horizon which will ensure we deliver on this more and continue to provide levels of high standards and service.  All so we can achieved the goal of making the nation a more fun place one event at a time.  So be sure to #WatchThisSpace...