Fun For All The Family!

Fun For All The Family!
| 31-05-2023 | Posted By Mia Williams

When planning a Family Fun Day, you need to ensure that there's some fun for each of your guests to enjoy from your tiny tots to Grandma and Grandad. At The Fun Experts, we pride ourselves in being able to entertain guests of all ages with our wide Range of Event Equipment...

Toddlers & Children

With our selection of Child Friendly Fun, you can be assured your youngsters are in safe hands whether under parental supervision or being staffed by our team of Fun Experts. Dudley the Dinosaur will be everyone's best friend as children take turns to climb up his head and slide back down his tail or perhaps our Children's Playzone will be perfect for your event where your guests can climb, bounce, balance and slide in their own little world of fun, you can even jump in too!


Tweens & Teens

Probably the most daring of the bunch, our Fairground Rides and Inflatable Challenges are sure to be a huge hit amongst your teenage guests, whether they take the Waltzers or the Dodgems for a spin, or go head to head with a friend or a sibling at the Gladiator Joust or Wipeout Challenge. We all know teenagers can be a tough crowd, but with the help of The Fun Experts, rest assured you'll see smiles all around on the big day. 


The Grown Ups

It's no secret that Mum and Dad are the biggest kids at heart and they'll definitely love being King or Queen of the castle for the day on our range of Inflatables or have fun donning our Sumo Suits and letting off some steam as they try to take the other down in the Inflatable Ring. Our Rodeo Rides are popular with all ages, but we find that adults often have the most fun getting competitive over who can stay on the Bull the longest!


All Ages

By far our most popular pieces of Fun Day Entertainment are our Funfair Side Stalls. This range of fairground games will entertain all ages and abilities from the oldies but goodies including Hook a Duck and Hoopla to our more challenging games like the Funfair Target Stall. The carnival games are fun for the whole family, meaning even the youngest can go up against the oldest in attempts to knock down all the tin cans, land the ball in the bucket or hit the target.


Are you holding a Family Fun Day but not sure how you can cater to everyone of all ages? Leave it with us! Take a look at our full A-Z of Fun, pick out your favourites and then you can Contact Our Team who will work with you to put together a day to remember that will be as stress free and fun as possible.