Six Steps to Fun

Six Steps to Fun
Event Planning Advice | 24-05-2024 | Posted By Ryan Lee

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Planning your event is as easy as 1, 2, 3 (4, 5 & 6)! In just six steps, you can have planned your event, from a Family Fun Day to a Promotional Event, a University event for students - there are 6 Steps to Fun...


Whether a copy of the Event Guide or online, you'll find some inspiration and fantastic ideas for your event!

Know what you're after, head straight to the search bar at the top of the site and type in the fun you're after, or have a journey through the A-Z of all of the entertainment equipment available to hire.

In need of a little more inspiration. You can download your FREE Event Entertainment Guide right here, we'll pop a copy in the post too!


Chat with a Fun Expert and lets go through your event objectives - what do you want to achieve and we'll create the best package for YOU!

Whether it's on the other end of the phone, by email, online chat...face to face. Our team of experts are ready to discuss your plans!

We'll talk about where your event is taking place, from Manchester to London, York to Edinburgh, Cardiff to Cornwall - we deliver our Event Entertainment across the whole of the UK!


Let us know if it needs re-jigging! We want to get it right for you and ensure your choices align with budget and values!


When we put together a quote for you, be sure to let us know your budget so we can bring you the maximum amount of fun. 

And don't forget, like everything, we have busy days and quieter days,consider looking at a non peak day for your event so we can really maximise the amount of fun we can bring to you! 


Let the fun really begin! Give us a call to finalise your details and then the countdown begins!

We'll talk through the final confirmation and follow up with a booking confirmation and invoice by email.

Once you're booked in, you'll begin a journey with our dedicated logistic team who will run through the real nitty gritty elements of your event from access, arrival timings power. We can speak to your venue and / or other contacts on your site if it's not your remit.  


You're in good hands as The Fun Experts get to work behind the scenes ready for the big day! We'll be planning the team coming to site and preparing the fun ahead of the big day!



So yeah, put your feet up...we've got you covered!


It's the big day! Is it a Family Fun Day, an Exhibition, maybe it is your actual big day and the wedding bells are ringing.

Whatever the event, have the best time and delight your guests! We cant wait!



And there you have it!

So, let's take it all the way back to step one and start the journey with YOUR Fun Experts.

You can contact The Fun Experts either by phone, online chat, an enquiry through our website...if you're local, pop in and see us too: we'll pop the kettle on!



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