Freshers Fun Favourites!

Freshers Fun Favourites!
| 05-09-2023 | Posted By Mia Williams

With the majority of pupils heading back to school today, for The Fun Experts this can only mean one thing... freshers week is right around the corner! For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, freshers week is an annual event in every university's calendar that marks the start of a new academic year and is dedicated to welcoming a new cohort by holding events that help students to settle into their new cities and create new relationships. 

To help make the most out of freshers week, many universities look for fun ways that they can entertain students and make these events worthwhile, which is where The Fun Experts come in! We're in for a busy but very exciting month as we're visiting Universities of Birmingham and Manchester, Edge Hill, Liverpool John Moore's and many more, so in this blog we're sharing some of our favourite pieces of freshers fun to help you out with any last minute event plans...


Fun Foods

If there's one way to draw in a crowd (especially of students) it's with free food, which is why our selection of sweet treats that includes Popcorn, Candyfloss, Ice Cream and Pick & Mix has proved extremely popular over the years! Served up from traditional red and white striped carts or our Ice Cream Bike complete with a topping station by one of our Fun Experts, our Fun Foods have added something unique to many a freshers event over the year and we have no doubt that this year will be no different.


Inflatable Games

If you're looking for the perfect way to help break the ice between students, it doesn't get much better than watching your peers fall one of our Rodeo Rides or cheering each other on as you race through one of our Inflatable Assault Courses. Our wide variety of Inflatable Challenges and Games ranges from the Wrecking Ball to the Basketball Challenge to the Gladiator Joust and can help to create easy conversation while encouraging students to work together. 


Funfair Side Stalls

Another firm favourite amongst Universities who have hosted freshers events over the years has to be our line up of Fairground Side Stalls. The casual set up of our Stalls means students can mingle in a relaxed environment while they wait for their turn at one of our carnival inspired games or get stuck into a competitive game of the classics like Hook a Duck and Hoopla as well as Cork Shooting, Play Your Cards Right and our latest additions that include Prize Darts, Frisbee Throw and Shoot The Hoop.


So who else is excited for freshers week? We definitely are! If you feel like your freshers plans are a little lacking in the fun department, you're already in the right place, now all that's left to do is Get In Touch with our sales team and with the help of them and our awesome equipment you'll soon be on your way to the best freshers week yet!