It's Almost Exhibition Season...

It's Almost Exhibition Season...
Event Inspiration | 06-09-2023 | Posted By Mia Williams

Now September has started, it really won't be long before the days get colder, the evenings get darker and the leaves start to turn orange and brown and with that comes a boom in indoor events whether that's evening events, awards shows or like we're discussing in this blog post... venues such as the NEC, Excel and Manchester Central holding exhibitions! If you haven't attended an exhibition before, you might not have realised how fun they can be, especially when the Fun Experts are there! We've had first hand experience in elevating other businesses exhibition stands as well as our own with our extensive range of fun Promotional Entertainment...

Interactive Games

Exhibitions are all about creating conversations either with others in your industry or people who could benefit from your services, which is why our range of Interactive Games and Challenges work so well at exhibition events as they help to create natural conversations and a real buzz around your stand. We've got competitive challenges that are great for going head to head like our Gold Cup Horse Racing, Bounce a Ball and Strike a Light and solo games too that provide the perfect opportunity for you to hand out whatever prizes you please from our Prize Crane Grabber to our Mega Buzz Wire.


Fun Foods

Like we said in our recent Freshers Week Blog Post, if there's one way to draw in a crowd it's with free food! Who will be able to resist the sweet smell of freshly made Popcorn and Candyfloss as it wafts around the exhibition hall? Either served up by yourself, giving you the opportunity to chat to everyone who stops by at your stand or by one of our Fun Experts from our traditional red and white striped carts, our Fun Foods will really add something unique to the exhibition that others in attendance won't have seen before!


Branding Ideas

If you want to elevate your Exhibition Entertainment even further, why not make it personal to you and your brand? All of our Branding is done in house and means you can make your mark at your next exhibition with pretty much any pieces of kit. Whether it's a custom shaped Buzz Wire, Batak back board or personalised Pick and Mix bags, there's so many opportunities for branding that will definitely draw eyes at any exhibition event. Nothing says getting your name out there like blowing it up and putting it on the front of a Candyfloss Cart!


We'd love for you to check out our Exhibition Entertainment Ideas, there really is something for every stand and we'd love to accompany you at your next expo to help you stand out from the crowd!