A-Z of Fun - N is For...

A-Z of Fun - N is For...
Event Inspiration | 04-09-2023 | Posted By Mia Williams

New Equipment! You didn't think we'd go through 2023 without any new equipment for your events did you? We always do our best to search for and get our hands on the latest equipment ideas that will add something unique to your events and now we can finally unveil our line up of new entertainment hire as we've tried and tested them at your events over the summer...

Dance Machine

An arcade classic. Our Dance Machine is new heart racing fun for the competitive peeps out there, just jump on the dance mat and bust your best moves in attempts to beat your opponent and be crowned the dancing queen or king! With its light up design, this new interactive piece of kit is the perfect addition to your upcoming Evening Event or awards night and will see your guests laughing the night away as you try and keep up with your colleagues, friends or family members. 


Inflatable Axe Throw

The newest addition to our vast range of Inflatables. The Inflatable Axe Throw is sure to be the main event at your next Fun Day, as its inflatable design mean adults and children alike are able to play without anybody getting hurt. Everybody loves a bit of friendly competition and going head to head with an opponent as you both throw inflatable axes at a giant dart board in attempts to score a bullseye is our idea of great competitive fun!


Inflatable Beer Pong

What's Freshers Week without a game (or ten) of beer pong? This larger inflatable take on the popular party game is set to be a new favourite for Student Events and we can't wait to see it in action. Worried about involving alcohol in your event? Our beer pong inflatable is enough fun to be enjoyed with or without your choice of tipple and therefore also makes a great team game for Employee Engagement and Team Building Days.

Prize Crane Grabber

Another fun throwback to days spent in arcades, your guests will have to manoeuvre the crane and pick up their favourite prize, keeping their fingers crossed that it isn't dropped before it makes it to the shoot. Is it a fix, are the prizes weighted or is it purely a game of skill? Debunk the theories for yourself when you hire our Crane Grabber for your next Exhibition, this Interactive Game will have crowds flocking to your stand in attempts to win prizes of your choice. 


You can now find these products in our A-Z of Fun, except for our Beer Pong which you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for if you fancy a closer look at our new kit... or if you can't wait that long, you can Contact The Fun Experts and we'll see what we can do for you!