All The Fun at The Fair!

All The Fun at The Fair!
Event Inspiration | 05-06-2023 | Posted By Mia Williams

Roll up, roll up for all the fun at the fair! When you're planning an annual summer fete or Family Fun Day whether that's for your company or the local community, a Fairground Theme is always a great idea when trying create the ultimate summer vibes. The Fun Experts have a huge range of eye catching Funfair Themed Entertainment with an authentic feel that are sure to bring something special to your event.

Funfair Side Stalls

A staple at any fairground or any Fun Expert event for that matter! Our range of carnival games spans from the classics to some unique challenges that you and your guests may not have seen before. For some of our Stalls the aim is the same, toss the ring and aim for your target, whether that's a peg or the arm of a cactus, while others like the Funfair Target Stall and Cork Shooting require a steady arm and great hand and eye co ordination. We've also of course got your old favourites that everyone is sure to love including the Coconut Shy, Hook a Duck and Tin Can Alley

Fun Foods

When you think about strolling through a fairground, there's two delicious smells that come to mind, Popcorn and Candyfloss, and you're in for a real treat because we've got both! Served up by a Fun Expert out of our traditional red and white striped carts, Fun Foods are a certified crowd pleaser and add that extra authentic flair to your Funfair Themed Event. Going to be a hot one? Why not switch things up and add one of our Ice Cream Bikes into the mix! 

Fairground Rides

It wouldn't be a funfair theme without a ride or two for the adrenaline junkies out there! Whether you reach new heights on the Ferris Wheel and Helter Skelter or take our Waltzers and Victorian Carousel for a spin, no matter the ride they're sure to be a spectacle at your event. All of our Funfair Rides are provided by a fantastic supplier who we have worked for years, so you can strap in and get ready for a safe and of course fun-filled event!

And more...

You heard right, there's even more fun where that came from! Looking for an Inflatable that fits the Funfair Theme and can keep the kids entertained? The Helter Skelter Inflatable will be your best friend making the perfect centrepiece to your event. The finer details can make all the difference when it comes to planning an event and we've got all the extras that can elevate your Fairground Themed Event to the next level and provide great photo opportunities including the Test of Strength, Crazy Mirrors and Peep Boards that will make your event one to remember. 

Need some extra inspiration? Check out the full range of Funfair Themed Entertainment! We'd love to join you for some fairground fun this year, so if you have anything in mind for your summer event, don't hesitate to Contact The Fun Experts to kick start your event plans!