10 Quick Tips About Fun Days

10 Quick Tips About Fun Days
Event Planning Advice | 30-07-2015 | Posted By Ryan Lee

Whether you’re planning a family or a corporate fun day, you’ll want to achieve an incredible atmosphere. Here’s 10 quick tips to help you run your day as smoothly as possible, and ensure everyone has a great time!

1. Book a suitable space

Decide where your fun day will be held and book it well in advance. A local pub garden, school field or community hall are all good places to hold a fun day. You need to make sure there is adequate room for everything you have planned. Also, check if there are toilets and power available. You can add some little touches, such as bunting to bring the place to life, or choose a theme for throughout the fun day.

2. Logistics

The chances are, your chosen location, will not have insurance for all the activities you have planned. You will need to make sure you have suitable insurance for everything you have planned and ensure all electrical equipment is tested by relevant inspectors.
You will also need to ensure risk assessments are completed to make sure everyone is safe.

3. Choosing a date and time

Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to organise the day. You’ll be much more relaxed when the day comes along if you know you’ve spent time planning all the details.
Choose a date that doesn’t clash with anything such as big sporting events like football cup finals, or Wimbledon finals. Create a realistic timeline for the day and take into consideration the time needed to set and clean up.

4. Something for the kids

A good variety of stalls and activities ensures kids will have a great time and never want to leave. Children of all ages enjoy facepainting and inflatable slides. Playzones are a great option for little ones, and for those, a bit older, circus school workshops and rodeo sheep are great opportunities to show off their skills.

5. Something for the big kids!

We all have an inner child that wants to get out and have some fun! Adults are bound to be competing with the smaller guests  on most activities, but items such as cash grabbers, gladiator jousts,  sumo costumes, and a rodeo bull are great fun for adults who enjoy a fun challenge.

6. Refreshments

Kids of all ages will be needing some refreshments to give them energy to keep on having fun.
Candyfloss, ice cream, and popcorn are great options to keep the party atmosphere.

7. Shelter in case of rain

As we all know, the British weather can not be trusted! It is worth thinking about having canopies and / or marquees for shelter, should it rain.

8. Something Personal

You may want to add that personal touch to your fun day. Whether it’s a business fun day and you want somewhere for business cards and flyers, or a fun wedding and you’d like somewhere to put the cake, an empty wooden cart is the ideal space to do this.

9. Somewhere to relax

Having so much fun can occasionally catch up with you! Your guests will really appreciate a spot to take the weight off their feet and recharge for some more fun. Deck chairs are a fab way to keep the fun atmosphere and provide a comfy spot to relax. If you want something really fun, a giant deck chair is just the thing!

10. Book us!

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