A to Z of Events: E is for..

A to Z of Events: E is for..
Event Inspiration | 15-01-2019 | Posted By Mia Williams

Your A - Z Guide to organising a successful event

it's back! Still in single figures and here with our 5th letter of the alphabet, we come to E where...

E Is For Events!

Now we all know there are hundreds if not thousands of event types out there, some range from corporate events and family fun days, all the way to weddings for your household pets (believe us it happens!). 

Whether it be launching a product or just creating amazing memories, holding an event is a great way of strengthening relationships amongst family, friends and colleagues (as well as creating a FUNtastic and exciting atmosphere).

“So where do I begin?”

Fun Days 

Nothing says fun in the sun more than a good ol’ Family Fun day. Here at Sunshine Events, we specialise in bringing the biggest, best and widest variety of entertainment the industry has to offer.

The Fun Experts®' box of tricks ranges from classic Side Stalls such as Hook a Duck and Ball in a Bucket, all the way to our guaranteed crowd pleaser the Bungee Run, as well as the competitive Gladiator Gladiator Joust and many more fun-filled, vibrant inflatables.

Whether it be aimed at a small intimate business gathering or a massive public event of well over 4000, Sunshine Events are here to make sure the fun flows from the start of your event to the very end.

Team Building

“Teamwork makes the dream work” and here at Sunshine Events, we believe very strongly in this, so much so that one of our events focuses completely on bringing teams together to channel that positivity into their office.

If you're looking to have some (a lot of) fun outside of the office all whilst motivating your team and boosting employee engagement, then look no further than our giant inflatable and show-stopping ‘Its A Knockout’ package. If youre looking for some other ideas, how about checking them out here?

How about something a little smaller but just as nerve-racking?

Our Human Buzz Wire is perfect if your looking to bring the Fun into your office. This is a great addition that focuses on team members working together with the aim of getting the metal wand to the end withou….BZZZZZZZ! BZZZ! BZZZZZZ!

Promotions and Exhibitions

Exhibitions are the perfect opportunity for your organisation to showcase a new service or even product, and that's where Sunshine Events come in. We understand the importance of a brands message and logo, so much so we’ve written a helpful blog all about it (you’re very welcome).

Whether you're looking to add some equipment to beat the competition and make sure all eyes are focused on you, or if you're wanting to ensure your brand's logo and the message is at the forefront of the exhibition, Sunshine Events offer bespoke branding on our products to give your exhibition that crowd-pleasing clout.


When it comes to your big day, you want everything to be perfect - the dress, the music, food and cake, but what about the entertainment? Well, then it's time to call the Fun Experts® to carry on the excitement into the after party.

If the children (groomsmen) are running around like little balls of excitement why not invest in a Rodeo Sheep to help vent that energy? Or better yet, our revamped Scalextric.

Now with all the glitz and glamour, it would be a real shame if you didn't have something to capture those outfits and more importantly the memory of the big day. That's why we recommend our Magic Selfie Mirror, not only so your guests can add their personalised memories to your big day, but they can print them off and take them home as well!

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

A  Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a very special time for any Jewish family - you’ve organised the cake, the invitations are sent and you’ve picked the perfect venue, now what about the perfect entertainment?

Enter the Fun Experts®!

With a box of tricks deeper than the Ariana Trench, the Fun Experts® have the cutting edge technology that will keep the kids excited four hours on end. Whether it be our party pleaser Nintendo Switch or the awe-inspiring VR Experience, we can provide so much excitement, the kids will be talking about it for years to come!

So, as you may have guessed, events can come in all shapes and sizes! Your Fun Experts® here at Sunshine Events are ready and waiting to help you plan that perfect event. 

Don't forget your trusty Fun Expert Will is going to be here next week examining the next letter of the A to Z of events, the FUNtastic letter F.