Early Bird Catches the Worm

Early Bird Catches the Worm
Event Inspiration | 16-01-2019 | Posted By Mia Williams

Public Service Announcement - Your friendly Fun Experts® would like to remind you that If you're looking to hold an event to take place in January, February or March, you can benefit from our off-peak prices, implemented to ensure that all of our fellow Sunshiners across the country get to have a fantastic start to the year.

But if that's too early for you, now that Christmas is over, that can mean only one thing, (it’s nearly my birthday?) spring is just around the corner. 

“But isn’t that miles off?”

Not at all! Now we know the gloomy winter nights are still well underway, however, it won’t be long before the nights are longer, the sun is shining and the central heating stays off until at least late August.

The last thing we want as your trusted Fun Experts® is for you to disappoint all your guests and the kids (also Grandad) on your upcoming Family Fun day!

“But Sunshine, we don’t even have a guest list yet!”

No guestlist? No problem. like Kevin Costner said in ‘Fields of Gold’, “if you build it, they will come”.

So now you may be thinking “what could I put on for my Family Fun Day?”. As always, your trusty Fun Experts® are here to lend a helping hand. We’ve provided you with a list of equipment and themes that are guaranteed to have everyone jumping with excitement (even Grandad).

First up lets focus on the inquisitive (wild) young ones.

Next up we have the teen zones, these tend to provide more of a challenge for your teenage family members:

And Finally, we have our family zones that focus on getting all members of the family involved!

 Now that we have supplied you with some helpful ideas, how about getting in touch with one of your Fun Experts®? Like the title says, the early bird catches the worm, so don't leave it too late to start planning your big event!