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Latest News from the Fun Experts

Events, Event Ideas & Inspiration / 24-07-2019 / Posted By: Mia Williams
Top Tips for Freshers’ Events
Having brought the fun to hundreds of freshers events across the country, we thought we'd create a blog with tips to organise the perfect student event! Continue Reading
The Fun Experts, Sunshine News / 19-07-2019 / Posted By: Mia Williams
Fridays with the Fun Experts - James
At the helm of this weeks 'Friday with The Fun Experts, we have logistical mechanic James Hindle ready to give you some insight into The Fun Expert Life! Continue Reading
Events, Event Ideas & Inspiration / 15-07-2019 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
Celebrate in Style With Graduation Party Events
A student's graduation is one of the biggest days of their life, so we have provided you with the perfect Graduation Party Event Ideas for the big day that will add to the magic and make it a day they will always remember. Continue Reading
Events, The Fun Experts / 10-07-2019 / Posted By: Mia Williams
4 Team-Building Ideas For Companies
We have provided 4 Team-Building Ideas For Companies to engage, entertain and motivate their staff for both indoors and outdoors. Continue Reading
The Fun Experts / 08-07-2019 / Posted By: James Sandwell
The Fun Experts try out Laughing Yoga!
Recently the Fun Experts were treated to a session of laughing yoga at Fun Towers. In this Latest article, I tell you just how effective this session is! Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration, Sunshine News / 05-07-2019 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
Summer's here to stay, thanks to the Fun Experts!
Here at Sunshine Event the summer never stops! Our latest blog provides you with all the ideas you'll need to make this summer one to remember! Continue Reading
Sunshine News / 03-07-2019 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
Sunshine Events is Officially a World Class Company!
Last week our NPS score was a perfect 100%, meaning that our customer service trumps huge brands such as Apple, Costco and Amazon. Come find out more! Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration / 25-06-2019 / Posted By: Mia Williams
Your event road map
One day you may be called upon by the higher powers to organise an event, maybe you're launching a product, re-branding or a simple fun day. Whatever the case may be, your Fun Experts have provided you with a simple roadmap that will help direct you through the booking process. Continue Reading
28-05-2019 / Posted By: George S
The [New] Fun Experts take over!
With it being half-term, we have sent the current Fun Experts home for the foreseeable future as me and the new Fun Experts take the helm here at Sunshine Events. Let the fun...BEGIN! Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration / 24-05-2019 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
Need Experts in Team Building Events?
If you’re looking for help organising a team building event, Sunshine Events can bring some much-needed sunniness to January. As one of the leading suppliers and owners of fun event equipment, we know how to organise unbeatable team building events. Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration / 23-05-2019 / Posted By: Mia Williams
What are the benefits to having a summer event?
Over our 13+ years as Fun Experts, we have seen many events come in all shapes and sizes each being different and bringing their own sense of personality. If you are thinking of hosting an event you may be asking "when is the best time?". This latest blog will detail the benefits available to you when it comes to hosting an event in the summer sun. Continue Reading
The Fun Experts / 23-05-2019 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
"Where are your prices?"
When it comes to planning an event, whether it be a Fun Day for a few thousand or a corporate event for prospective clients, you want to make sure everything is clear during the planning process. Our latest blog will explain why we do not include our prices on the site and how we differ from other event companies when it comes to bringing you the best possible price. Continue Reading
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