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Latest News from the Fun Experts

The Fun Experts / 03-08-2020 / Posted By: James Sandwell
Our 100% NPS Score!
Recently The Fun Experts over received a score of 100% making them a world-class organisation when it comes to customer service. Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration, Health & Safety / 03-08-2020 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
Can I organise an event?
We explore how you can hold an event or experience during current times with the correct measures in place - because Fun can continue with The Fun Experts! Continue Reading
Health & Safety, The Fun Experts / 20-07-2020 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
Trust The Fun Experts
You can trust The Fun Experts to support your event and deliver our fun, event equipment hire in a Covid Secure Way! Continue Reading
The Fun Experts, Sunshine News / 15-07-2020 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
The Crystals - Sunshine Events Voted Top UK Event Supplier!
The Crystals have announced the UKs Favourite Event Supplier and The Fun Experts want to share the news with you... Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration / 12-06-2020 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
Our Awesome Team Building Events
Our team building events are both super-fun and a great way to grow that team spirit while improving communication between staff members. Sunshine Events have rave reviews for all our events and want to make your year the most fun yet. Continue Reading
The Fun Experts / 01-06-2020 / Posted By: James Sandwell
Employing Dogs in the office is a brilliant and smart business idea!
There are many different techniques and tactics to employ when engaging your staff, but all you may really need is a furry canine co-worker Continue Reading
The Fun Experts, Sunshine News / 27-05-2020 / Posted By: Camille Bradshaw
The Fun Experts & Covid-19
We're here for you - in between now and normal, The Fun Experts are putting together temporary measures to ensure we are Covid Secure for you and your future event. Continue Reading
The Fun Experts, Sunshine News / 14-04-2020 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
Corona Support Group
The Fun Experts are proud to support An initiative set up to help provide essential PPE products to our NHS and front line services. Find out how you can donate, right here! Continue Reading
06-04-2020 / Posted By: Sunny Sandwell
Building a work environment your employees love
Similar to our recent Fun At Work blog, one of the keys to a successful business is about having happy employees, this blog is all about ways in which you can create a workplace environment that appeals to your staff and has them looking forward to coming to work. Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration, The Fun Experts / 31-03-2020 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
How to Engage Your Teams...
...when working at home. As your teams adapt to working at home, how do you plan to keep employee engagement at a high and care for the wellbeing of your people? Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration / 02-03-2020 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
Let’s Organise a Work Fun Day
‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy,’ as the old saying goes. Incredibly this proverb was first recorded in the 1600s, which means people have long realised the value of taking a break from work and having fun together! Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration / 24-02-2020 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
Awesome Ideas for your Work Fun Day
We all know that all work and no play isn’t good for us. With everybody so insanely busy, it’s easy to forget to enjoy ourselves. A work fun day is a great escape from the mundane, every-day reality of the office. It’s also an excellent opportunity to encourage bonding between colleagues. Continue Reading
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