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Latest News from the Fun Experts

Event Ideas & Inspiration, The Fun Experts / 08-08-2022 / Posted By: Mia Williams
A Day in the Life of a Fun Expert!
As a new face at The Fun Experts, I've been getting to know members of the team, and seeing what a huge impact the Events Team have on you at your events and what an integral part of your day they really are, so this week I thought that it would be a good idea to get a bit of insight into what it's actually like to be a Fun Expert on an event day! Continue Reading
05-08-2022 / Posted By: Mia Williams
The Fun Experts Family Fun Day 2022
They say to practice what you preach... so this week The Fun Experts had some fun of their own! All Fun Experts joined forces for the rare occasion where the Sales, Logistics and Events Teams came together for an evening of laughter and lots of smiles as we held our Family Fun Day, a chance to recognise hard work, celebrate successes and most importantly, have lots of FUN! Continue Reading
The Fun Experts / 03-08-2022 / Posted By: Mia Williams
The Fun Experts and the Local MP
This week, The Fun Experts had a visit from our local conservative MP, Katherine Fletcher, following up on the support that particularly Directors of Fun, James and Sunny Sandwell, received from her due to the impact of Covid-19. Continue Reading
01-08-2022 / Posted By: Mia Williams
The Fun Experts Go Back To school!
With a new school year on the approach, if you're preparing to welcome a brand new cohort and looking for ways to set yourself apart from other schools and ensure your students that they've made the right choice, then you've come to the right place! Continue Reading
18-07-2022 / Posted By: Mia Williams
How To Have FUN In A Heatwave
With temperatures rising across the UK, you may be wondering how The Fun Experts can continue delivering our speciality during a heatwave? Continue Reading
Events, The Fun Experts / 13-07-2022 / Posted By: Mia Williams
A Sun and Fun-Filled Round Up
Lucky for our customers, the sun has finally come out, meaning all our events from Lytham to London have been made even brighter... Continue Reading
05-07-2022 / Posted By: Mia Williams
Top Team-Building Tips!!
Here at The Fun Experts, we know the importance of having a team who work well together and know how to have... you guessed it, FUN! That's why, if you're thinking about planning an event that will bring employees together and give them the motivation and encouragement that they can bring back into the work place then you've come to the right place! Continue Reading
28-06-2022 / Posted By: Mia Williams
YOUR Favourite Inflatables!!
What's a Fun Day without a Fun Inflatable? We at The Fun Experts know the importance of providing you with the opportunity to let your hair down and embrace the big kid in you, and our wide variety of inflatables ranging from traditional castles to thrilling slides and challenges are the perfect way to do just that. Continue Reading
The Fun Experts / 10-06-2022 / Posted By: Mia Williams
The Fun Experts Return to Red Rose Awards 2022
You may remember The Fun Experts fantastic night at last year's Red Rose Awards and this year's was no exception... Continue Reading
01-06-2022 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
Download your FREE Fun Day Entertainment Guide
Find the inspiration for your upcoming Fun Day event plans in your free entertainment guide, available to download now. Continue Reading
Event Ideas & Inspiration / 01-05-2022 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
Fun Days are coming...
2022 is going to be an EPIC year for Fun and Events. Given the last two years, it may be a good idea to refresh ourselves just on what exactly we can do in bringing fun to your events! Continue Reading
01-04-2022 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
Family Fun Day for Man's Best Friend
The Fun Experts become The Fur Experts as they provide their first ever Puppy Fun Day! Continue Reading
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