A-Z of Fun - J is For...

A-Z of Fun - J is For...
The Fun Experts Team | 11-07-2023 | Posted By Mia Williams

Join The Fun Experts! That's right, we are hiring even more people to join our ever growing crew of Fun Experts. Summer is always the busiest season for an event company like ourselves, so we need your help to create amazing event experiences for our clients this year. So what does being a Fun Expert actually mean?

What is a Fun Expert?

The clue is in the name, a Fun Expert is someone who is an expert in all things fun. On serious note, being a Fun Experts is the final stage of the event planning process. Once an event has been booked in by our sales team, logistics have planned it down to a t, it's now over to you in our event team to deliver. That might sound like a lot of pressure, but trust us it's a lot of fun! As a Fun Expert, you'll be heading out to any area of the UK in a van filled with fun entertainment, meeting our client, setting everything up and getting ready for the real fun to start. 


What do I need to be a Fun Expert?

One of the most important traits to have as a Fun Expert is a positive attitude, it's key that you stay in high spirits and have a smile on your face no matter the challenges thrown at you, as it helps to keep the rest of the team on a high as well. Team work is another necessity as a Fun Expert, if you don't work together, things can start to go wrong, which then has a domino affect on how the rest of the event plays out. The majority of the feedback we receive from clients name drops our team members and how well they worked together to make the event great, which is something that we take great pride in.

A lot of people confuse fun with silliness, so for us it's important that all of our staff are able to remain professional whilst having fun, especially when greeting clients and getting all the kit set up quickly and efficiently. This way, when you're all done there's still time to have a laugh, grab something to eat and drink with your teammates and get those energy levels up ready to interact with the clientele. Having a driving license is something else that we look for when hiring new Fun Experts, as you may be required to drive to solo events, however we do have several non driving positions available. 


What are the benefits?

Being a Fun Expert means working in a positive environment where you will be consistently supported by your fellow team mates and the management team. Many of our Fun Experts will tell you that bring on the events team is the best job they've ever had and take huge pride in calling themselves The Fun Experts. You'll also get the chance to see areas of the UK that otherwise you might never go to and make new connections when working with a huge variety of reputable companies and even some celebrities! Every month you'll receive our newsletter in which we select one member of the event team to receive Fun Expert of the month along with a £50 Amazon voucher, which is always something that motivates our team.


How do I apply?

Like the sound of being a Fun Expert? Amazing, we'd love for you contact us! You can send us an email (hr@thefunexperts.co.uk) letting us know why you want to be Fun Expert along with your CV and we'll be in touch shortly. Looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully having you aboard the team soon!