A-Z of Fun - O is For...

A-Z of Fun - O is For...
Event Inspiration | 14-09-2023 | Posted By Mia Williams

Options! The possibilities are endless when you're planning an event with The Fun Experts! Quite often when you discover a piece of fun that we have available for hire, you'll soon find that there are multiple variations that are fit for all kinds of events of any theme. Now if there isn't, our team may be able to customise kit for you and create a bespoke piece of entertainment. So in this week's A-Z of Fun post, explore your equipment options and discover the endless versions of your favourite pieces of fun...

Rodeo Rides

If you're familiar with the Bucking Bronco, you'll probably recall the mechanical animal spinning around on the inflatable bed being a Bull. But have you ever thought about replacing it with a mechanical Sheep or Reindeer? Our ever expanding range of Rodeo Rides spans from our prehistoric pal, the Rodeo Dino, all the way to our latest addition, the slightly more challenging Rodeo Football. All of our Rodeo Rides look amazing at any sort of themed event, so if you have an idea that you'd like to see in rodeo form, don't hesitate to Contact Us.


Cash Grabbers

It's the name of the game after all, so filling our Cash Grabber Cylinders with funny money might seem like the most obvious answer but the truth is, there are so many options to try out in our Cash Grabbers from plastic balls to snowballs to coupons to crisp packets. Yes, you heard that right! A few years ago, the production team at Celebrity Juice got in touch with us requesting to fill our Cash Grabber with crisps, so not sure if they'd be able to stay afloat, we tested out a variety of shapes (and flavours!) and found that the best option would be actual crisp packets, which ended up looking amazing under the studio lights! So there you have it, there really is no request too silly at The Fun Experts!



When you're throwing an event, whether it be for your company or for family and friends, it's so important to make it as memorable as possible and what better way to do that than to hire a piece of entertainment that captures those memories in photo form? We have classic Photobooths, with multiple options to choose from including starry and funky skins that guests can step inside and print their own strip of photos as well as the popular Magic Selfie Mirror. This Photobooth option can fit perfectly into a smaller space with its compact design complete with an ornate gold frame and actually interacts with your guests as they grab a funky hit or pair of glasses from our prop box and strike a pose. 


Side Stalls

One of our most popular pieces of entertainment due to their versatility, there are truly so many options to choose from when you hire our Fairground Stalls from family favourites like Hook a Duck and Hoopla to more challenging games that test your aim such as Cork Shooting and Ball in a Bucket, you really are spoilt for choice! Come December they'll even receive a festive makeover that sees your funfair favourites with a seasonal twist, take coconuts being replaced with Christmas puddings for example! Aside from the options available to view our on our website, we've also created our fair share of bespoke Side Stalls for different themed events from a Pizza Frisbee Throw to Hook a Beaker. 


We'll stop here because our entertainment hire options truly are endless, as you'll see when you view our Full Range of Fun! Seen a piece of kit that you'd like to put your own spin on? Don't hesitate to Contact Our Sales Team who will be more than happy to get creative with you and build your own piece of bespoke entertainment!