15 Fun, Crazy Team Building Ideas for SME Businesses

15 Fun, Crazy Team Building Ideas for SME Businesses
Event Inspiration | 08-07-2014 | Posted By Sunny Sandwell

Whether you want to improve morale, reward your employees or simply have a great FUN day out, team building is an essential exercise for businesses of all sizes. 

Here at Sunshine Events, we understand how much of an impact team building can have on the whole workforce from the receptionist right up to the Managing Director. Whatever sector you work in, it’s an important element to incorporate into the company in order to boost staff productivity and get a greater ROI. 

Still not sure? Here are 7 benefits to make you change your mind:

  1. Motivate the team
  2. Help staff get to know each other
  3. Improve communication skills
  4. Inject some joy into the workplace
  5. Help staff learn their more about their strengths and weaknesses
  6. Improve team productivity
  7. Get everyone on the same page

But enough about why you should have team building fun, let’s talk about what kind of team building ideas can you do in your business. Here are 16 out of this world ideas that will go down a storm with your troops:

1.  Build a Tower

2. Sack Race

3. Sumo Wrestling

4. Human Buzz

5. Archery Hire

6. Wipe Out Challenge

7. Cash Grabber

8. Space Hopper

9. Winners Podium

10. Tug of War

11. Walk the Plank

12. Ski Slalom

13. Puzzle Cube

14. Boom ‘Balloon’ Blasters

15. Batak Pro Hire

So what are you waiting for? Bring the whole workforce together and help everyone work towards a common goal with the Fun Experts. And if you’re still stuck for ideas, check out our Team Building Gallery for inspiration.

Interested in any of the fun ideas above? Add an event to your My Event Quote basket and get a quote today, or call the friendly team on the number above to speak to one of our entertainment experts. 

Can’t decide between “Walk the Plank” or “Puzzle Cube”? Not a problem. Hire a whole range of team building challenges to keep the office thoroughly entertained all day long.

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