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Health & Safety

Health & Safety / 19-04-2024 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
The Fun Experts - PIPA Operators
Inline with he regulation, working alongside PIPA - a newly formed training course has been devised and after 2 years in development, The Fun Experts took part, becoming fully fledged PIPA Operators Continue Reading
Health & Safety / 09-03-2024 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
It's That Time Again...
That time where The Fun Experts get together to complete our annual PIPA Testing, a two day operation that ensures each and every one of our Inflatables are operationally safe and of the highest standard possible ready to bring the fun to your events! Continue Reading
Health & Safety / 15-06-2023 / Posted By: Mia Williams
Having Fun in the Heat!
With temperatures soaring across the UK and no sign of them dropping any time soon, we wanted to use this week's blog post to reassure you that your events can be held safely despite any concerns you might have about the heatwave. Continue Reading
Health & Safety / 12-04-2023 / Posted By: Mia Williams
You Can Trust The Fun Experts!
Insurance talk can be boring... but not with The Fun Experts. We've recently renewed our £10 million public liability insurance and with that, wanted to give you some extra reassurance when booking your 2023 events. Continue Reading
Health & Safety / 22-02-2023 / Posted By: Mia Williams
Some TLC for Your Favourite Equipment
Ever wondered what happens to our beloved equipment between your events? They certainly don't sit on the warehouse shelves waiting to be chosen again, in fact a lot of work goes into preparing our kit to be delivered to your events and we like to make sure it's all in tip top condition and ready to have all your guests impressed! Continue Reading
Health & Safety / 23-08-2022 / Posted By: Mia Williams
Safety First!
We know that for a lot of you, health and safety comes first. So today I've enlisted the best person for the job, Operations Manager Billy, to give insight into his role at The Fun Experts and how he helps to ensure your events are held to the best level of safety possible. Continue Reading
Health & Safety, Event Planning Advice / 18-07-2022 / Posted By: Mia Williams
How To Have FUN In A Heatwave
With temperatures rising across the UK, you may be wondering how The Fun Experts can continue delivering our speciality during a heatwave? Continue Reading
Health & Safety / 24-06-2021 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
Outdoor can be best...
We've been keeping you up to date with a number of articles lately to help reassure you and inform you what you can do to ensure a safe, covid secure event where Fun can continue. Here's the latest... Continue Reading
Health & Safety / 15-06-2021 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
What does yesterday's announcement mean for your event?
As Downing Street announce a delay to Step 4 of the Roadmap, what does this mean for you and your event? With the measures in place from Step 3 on 17th May, 2021, there is much fun still to be had... Continue Reading
Health & Safety / 21-10-2020 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
Holding your event...
The Fun Experts look at how the recent clarification on Social Distancing affects your event plans. Continue Reading
Health & Safety / 03-08-2020 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
Can I organise an event?
We explore how you can hold an event or experience during current times with the correct measures in place - because Fun can continue with The Fun Experts! Continue Reading
Health & Safety / 20-07-2020 / Posted By: Ryan Lee
Trust The Fun Experts
You can trust The Fun Experts to support your event and deliver our fun, event equipment hire in a Covid Secure Way! Continue Reading
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