The Fun Experts Fund Defibrillator Unit to Boost Community Safety

The Fun Experts Fund Defibrillator Unit to Boost Community Safety
Health & Safety, Business For Good | 01-07-2024 | Posted By Ryan Lee

At The Fun Experts, we believe that fun and safety go hand in hand. That's why we're thrilled to announce the installation of a brand new defibrillator unit outside our very own warehouse. This life-saving device is now available not only to our teams, who are on site almost 24-7, but also to the entire local community and surrounding businesses, providing a crucial resource in case of a cardiac emergency.

Why a Defibrillator?

A defibrillator is an essential tool in the fight against sudden cardiac arrest. When every second counts, having quick access to a defibrillator can significantly increase the chances of survival.

A number of Fun Experts and friends of the business have had a story to tell, some with experiences in recent weeks, the last year or further back; each story highlighted the use of a defibrillator would / could become a life changing - or more specifically life saving! - piece of equipment.

"The stories you hear where a defibrillator was the reason a family member or a friend are still here, or that story were it could have made all the difference but sadly wasn't accessible - that's why we wanted to provide that support to our area."
Sunny Sandwell - Director of Fun 

Recognising this, we decided to take action and fund this important addition to our premises.

Community Benefits

By installing the defibrillator outside our warehouse, we’re ensuring that this vital equipment is accessible to both businesses and the public in the area. It’s our way of giving back to the community that has supported us over the years. We hope this step will not only enhance the safety of our immediate surroundings but also inspire other local businesses to consider similar initiatives.

Training with the Southport Saviours Foundation

To ensure that we are fully prepared to use the defibrillator if needed, The Fun Experts team recently underwent training with a close friend of the business, Richard Moore. Richard is closely associated with The Southport Saviours Foundation, following his own experience where the need for such a device saved his life.

A fantastic organisation dedicated to increasing the survival rates of cardiac arrest victims, The Southport Saviours Foundation's mission is to promote and fundraise for external accessible defibrillators and provide vital first aid awareness courses.

The training session was an eye-opener for all of us. Richard, with his vast knowledge and experience, guided us through the process, ensuring we felt confident and ready to act in an emergency. His dedication to saving lives is truly inspiring, and we’re grateful for his support.

Empowering the Community

The Southport Saviours Foundation’s work is crucial. They not only place defibrillators in key locations but also empower people with the knowledge and courage to act swiftly in emergencies. By partnering with them, we're contributing to a safer, more prepared community. We encourage everyone to support their cause and participate in their first aid awareness courses. You never know when you might need to save a life.

Looking Ahead

Our commitment to safety and community well-being doesn't stop here. We're always on the lookout for ways to contribute positively to our local area. Simple acts such as litter picking in the local area as part of our own Wellness Wednesday experiences to Doing Business For Good, including donating to the likes of Blackpool Zoo, The Fun Experts are dedicated to making a difference.

While we hope it never has to be used, we’re proud to know that it’s there, ready to help if needed. Together, we can make our community a safer place for everyone.

And we hope that this may inspire you and your business to take similar steps in the future. If you're unsure where to start, we'd be more than happy to point you in the right direction, just get in touch with us here.