Don't blow it...

Don't blow it...
Event Planning Advice | 30-05-2024 | Posted By Ryan Lee

You've got one shot...

The pressure is on to provide the best event.

And it's...All. On. YOUR. Shoulders!

It's at this point we'd put that emoji face, you know the one - the one with the teeth tightly gripped together as if in despair, or panic...

What if we told you that that one shot you have, you're not going to blow it. Why?

Because The Fun Experts won't let that happen!

Oh no, not a chance! We're here not only to bring the Fun and entertain your guests (which is a big part of it all of course), but we're here for you too! 

You don't have to think of it as hand holding - though by all means call it that if you wish; we're here to share with you over 21 years of experience and knowledge and inspire you and your event plans.

We've done it, we've seen it, we've delivered it all. From Family Fun Days seeing footfalls of thousands, successful product launches and exhibitions, bringing people together for team building events. Then we've got really personal with Weddings, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs and much more. 

You'll have questions when it comes to your plans: don't worry, we'll make sure you're asking the right ones. Whether it's based on the type of entertainment works best for you event and when it comes to the nitty gritty, asking all the right questions from a logistical point of view.

Start from the top

You might find what you need write here when we wrote about the 6 Steps to Fun. From making that first enquiry right through to the big day, that may be just the right amount of inspiration you need.

Maybe it's more - sometimes a phone call helps, maybe you prefer tapping at the keyboard - either way, the way this works best and ensures we've got you back; communication. Speak to us and let us know what your aim is, what the end goal is and we can be sure that it's filled with fun every step of the way.

Planning an event shouldn't be all stress with no reward. Of course, there'll be reward for all your guests which you've put the time in to planning but we want to make sure that there's reward for you to and a big part of that is an experience, a journey that's smooth and stress free.

So let's go...

You're already here so we can pretty much guarantee you won't blow it. Speak to the team now and let the Fun begin!