Event ideas for Fun Days both "Lil and Large"

Event ideas for Fun Days both "Lil and Large"
Event Inspiration | 13-03-2019 | Posted By Ryan Lee

Fun Days can come in all shapes and sizes, especially when determining the number of guests you have attending. So fear not fellow Sunshiner! Your friendly Fun Experts® are here to provide you with all the family fun day ideas you can shake a stick at! Whether they be little or large, Sunshine Events have you covered.

Planning a "Little" Fun Day

As Fun Experts® who have vast experience in bringing the fun (Cough Cough 15+ years cough) to audiences ranging from 500 to 5000, it's pretty safe to assume that we know exactly what you need for your Fun Day ideas. 

Let's assume your Fun Day is catering to an audience smaller than 100, say a corporate family fun day or a fundraising event may be, either way, we've got just the thing for you coming fresh out of the Fun Factory oven. 

Our very own Fun Day package - up to 100 has been tailor-made for those who are looking to hold a smaller event that has all the fun packed punch of a 5000 attendee experience. 

But there's more! 

Here at Sunshine Events, we own ALL of the equipment that you see on our site. What does this mean for our Sunshiners? Well, your Fun Experts® are able to create a bespoke package so you know that your event has been designed to include all you Fun Day entertainment needs.

Our Fun Day Example Package  - up to 100 includes examples such as:

Crazy Golf Hire 

Bouncy Castle

Inflatable Slides

Planning a "Large" Fun Day

So you've promoted on the social media machine, shouted from the rooftops about your event and now you're just waiting on your Fun Day's potential numbers.

Plot Twist: Looking at the popularity of your Fun Day, the turnout is looking to be well over 500 guests! So now you're wondering what your event needs to make sure everyone has a great time, all the way from the grandkids to Grandma.

Behold fellow Sunshiner! Sunshine Events presents to you the Fun Day Example Package - 500 Guests +. Your Fun Experts® are always on hand to tweak, swap and change equipment for your event meaning we can create individual packages to ensure you bring the greatest family fun day experience.

Like we said before, ALL of the equipment seen on our website is owned by us here at Sunshine Events meaning our fun factory has an abundance of toys that are guaranteed to impress even the largest of audiences. 

 Some example of our Fun Day Package - 500 Guests + include: 

Hungry Hippos

Assault Course

Bungee Run

Do you like what you see? Do you have some idea you want to run by us? Why not get in touch with one of our Fun Experts® now and we would be more than happy to start planning that perfect Fun Day experience.