Awards | 15-03-2019 | Posted By Mia Williams

Yes, you heard right the first time my fellow Sunshiner! Your friendly Fun Experts took home the 'Lancashire Business View Award' last night during the Red Rose Awards 2019 ceremony at the beautiful Blackpool Winter Gardens!

Red Rose Awards

Allow me to set the scene...

No expense was spared during this amazing event, everything you could have imagined made an appearance. We had techno neon cyber dancers, robots with mirror suits doing the rounds, and of course, a paddle for the table that said "drinks please" should you need to wet your whistle. 

Every year the Red Rose Awards go that extra mile to bring amazement and surprise year on year, it's truly an unforgettable experience that you need to witness at some point.

But Sunshine! Tell us about the award!

Oh go on then, we can barely contain our excitement as it is! So, after just missing out on 2 awards that were won by extremely amazing and talented organisations, we were prepared to enjoy the rest of the night and rub shoulders with friends old and new.


Judges made their way on stage one final time to announce the Lancashire Business View Award winner of 2019. This award looked at all 150 organisations who were nominated for an award that evening and had to narrow it down to one final winner.


That's why we are delighted NEY! Overjoyed to announce that Sunshine Events, your Fun Experts walked away with the title Lancashire Business View 2019!


The Judges were quoted as saying "An amazing business with tenacity, drive and a clearly articulated vision, Sunshine's achievements have been achieved through a dedication to customer service and staff development. A great Lancashire Business".

The Fun Experts brought their bag of fun to the ceremony

Now as Fun Experts, we were never going to take a night off when there's fun to be had, especially when we were sponsoring the Corporate Fun Entertainment that evening! As always, Sunshine Events made sure to bring their FUNtastic bag of equipment with them and do what we do best, BRING THE FUN!

As well as some of our popular crowd-pleasing equipment, we were excited to bring one of our latest additions to the festivities. 

Once the award ceremony was over and the other festivities began, guests were welcomed by our sweet tooth teasing Pick and Mix cart. No matter the event, our Pick and Mix Cart appeals to everybody as their inner child makes an appearance to make sure you fill the pink and white bag to the top. 

Pick and Mix

Next up, the Fun Experts brought something with a bit more speed and a ton more adrenaline. Sunshine Events presented its Giant Scalextric! It's like a normal Scalextric only BIGGER! but not only is it bigger, but it also comes with some modifications under the hood that you can only find out here!


 "But Sunshine, what about something a little less fast paced"

Oh, don't you worry, we had just the thing for the guests they could enjoy. Our Photo Booth and Prop box went down a real treat amongst audiences last night. In fact, the Photo Booth saw more poses than a Kim Kardashian Instagram feed.

Finally, we saved the latest toy till last. If you're looking to keep the momentum going and keep your heartbeat around 110 bpm, we present to you the Strike-A-Light! This FUNtastic head-to-head game wants only the fastest of reactions as you can see below!

All in all, The Red Rose awards (as always) has been an amazing night for us at Sunshine Events and all of the Fun Experts! It's been fantastic getting to share the floor with so many talented organisations and getting to meet friends both old and new.

2018 has been a fantastic year of growth for Sunshine Events and with the Milton Keynes Depot opening in April 2019 is set to be an even bigger year of growth for Sunshine Events.