A to Z of Events: I is For...

A to Z of Events: I is For...
Event Inspiration | 25-02-2019 | Posted By Ryan Lee

Well, would you believe it! It's already been a week and here we are, back again with our weekly edition looking at the A to Z of events! This week you're graced with the presence of your full-time film buff Fun Expert®, Ryan!

Sunshine Events know me so well they've given this week's A to Z of events to me. This weeks letter is "I" which can only mean one thing (drum roll) Inflatables! With well over 9 years of being a FUNtastic Fun Expert®, I don't think anybody can talk about our inflatables better than me (biased I know...but it's true)

All of our inflatables come in many different shapes, sizes and colours, with each individual piece bringing that memorable and FUNtastic experience to your Fun Day. So then, without further adieu lets get into the top inflatables our Sunshiners need for their Fun Day! 

Inflatable Slide Hire

 Starting off with a guaranteed crowd pleaser for any Fun Day, I present to you our inflatable slide hire. Whether very young, a teenager or "mature", we have the perfect slides just for you!

First up, for the littler of our Sunshiners, we have Dudley the Inflatable Dinosaur Slide. Very popular with our younger audiences, climb up Dudley's gargantuan greenback where the little tikes get to slide down his big purple tail onto his secure safety mats.

Next up we have our larger Inflatable slide hire for the teenagers and "maturer" of audiences amongst you. Our 20-foot high slide decorated in eye-catching pink, purple and green never fails to turn heads at every Fun Day it visits!

 Bouncy Castle Hire

 Just like our Inflatable slide hires, our Bouncy Castles also come in a collection of sizes to ensure that everyone, no matter their age or size gets to enjoy all the FUNtastic experiences are bouncy castles have to offer.  

Our Children's Bouncy castle hire allows up to 7 mini Sunshiners to bounce their afternoon away at any one time. We also make sure that the slightly bigger and energetic Sunshiners go on separately so that they can let loose without interrupting the mini Sunshiners more relaxed experience.

The adult Bouncy Castle hire is aimed more for the teenagers, their parents and potentially their parents. At just shy of 5 metres across,  this Bouncy Castle allows up to 5 fully grown adults to let loose on the Inflatable structure and act like the big kids they truly are. 

 Let's take it up a notch, shall we? 

Bungee Run Hire

The Bungee Run Hire tests all kinds of skills, strength, speed, endurance and just raw power! Have you got two children who are aiming to finally settle who is better? The Brother VS Sister? Maybe it's finally time to see who really rules the roost with Daddy Vs Daughter, the possibilities are truly endless. 

Whatever the reasoning to compete, the Bungee Run Hire is an amazing piece of Fun that keeps on giving. It will have you coming back over and over again until you can walk away the Bungee champion! (or your body runs out of juice)

Gladiator Joust Inflatable Hire 

Now we all remember sitting there with thee weekly takeaway in our laps whilst our heroes like Wolf and Lightning competed to remain the ultimate Champion (of Saturday Night live TV).

Well, thanks to the Fun Experts® in the Sunshine Events Fun Factory now you can become the ultimate champion of your local Fun Day. The Gladiator Joust Hire sees two contenders face off to become the last one standing on their podium by using the pugil sticks to dismount their opponent. Gladiator Joust is just as Fun watching as it is taking part. 

 Hungry Hippos Inflatable Hire

 Do you remember playing the game in your front room? Well this time it's size has increased by 500 and you are that Hungry Hippo! Competing against 3 other contenders (Hippos), make your way to the middle of the ring to collect your coloured balls whilst your bungee cord belt is pulling you back to your starting p[osition.

Perfect for ages 5+, our HungryHippo Inflatable Hire never fails to bring out the inner competitiveness inside of each of us. 

 Time for a Fun Expert Finale! let's go bigger MUCH BIGGER!

 Our Inflatable Climbing Wall is quite literally the Everest of the inflatable world! Each one of our inflatables is thoroughly designed by your Fun Experts® which means copious amounts of Fun guaranteed!

Our climbing wall allows up to four climbers at any one time to attempt to scale this 6 metre mammoth of an inflatable. Whether climbing solo or in it to win, rest assured our well-trained Fun Experts® are on hand to offer assistant to all of our Sunshiners.

 Assault Course Hire 

 Now time for the pièce de résistance (and personal favourite), the Sunshine Events Assault Course Hire. No matter your size or age, the Assault Course Hire comes with so many interchangeable sections to the course there are 100+ different way in which you can tailor the course to your liking.

As well as the eye-catching colours that decorate our Assault Course, the sheer size of this behemoth it a guaranteed show stopper that will have people queuing around the corner to take a turn!

So now that I've given you an insight into our FUNtastic inflatables, why not drop us an email or give us a call and one of our Fun Experts® will happily be in touch to help you craft your perfect Fun Day. Better yet, visit our Inflatable Hire page and see what other inflatables will that excitement factor to you Fun Day!