The Fun Experts are meeting NWEEG

The Fun Experts are meeting NWEEG
Business For Good | 27-02-2019 | Posted By James Sandwell

It's a well-known fact that The Fun Experts are all about having fun, that is why "having fun makes 'seriously' Good Business Sense!". It's scientifically proven that Fun boosts productivity, enhances engagement, improves recruitment, retention of staff and of course increase profit.

That is why The Fun Experts are proud sponsors and ambassador of the amazing team over at NWEEG (North West's Employee Engagement Group). 

Fun Experts NWEEG

NWEEG was founded in 2014 as a means of connecting HR professionals and business leaders with engagement specialists. The purpose of their group is to make the North West of England the best place to work. They do this by presenting real-life experiences and skills business leaders have used to engage their teams to overall improve their businesses performance. 

 As ambassadors, we are proud to play an active role with NWEEG and aid in bringing and sharing The Fun Expert's own experiences to other business leaders.

We do this in ways such as helping them host their workshops aimed at current business owners and HR managers. Through these workshops, we share our experience with others that having fun makes seriously good business sense and the positive impacts employee engagement can have on their employees as well as their performance. 

Fun Expert

Furthermore, The Fun Experts are judges for the annual NWEEG awards this year on the 23rd of May, in particular, both 'The Fun at Work and 'Team of the Year' categories. 

The Fun at Work category will look at the person who shows a deep understanding of the power and value that fun within the workplace can have. They will also show a deep understanding of how fun really does make seriously good business sense and that this positively impacts the culture, teamwork, brand perception and success of the business.

We will also be looking at the 'Team of the Year' for the 2019 NWEEG awards. This accolade will recognise a truly inspiring and engaging group of colleagues who have achieved astounding results based upon their working as a team. This award will also look at individuals within the team who have not only gone above and beyond but have had fun in the process. 


It's really is magnificent to see organisations such as NWEEG recognise the importance of employee engagement and especially how the workforce is the most vital asset any company can have. With their active role, NWEEG are key catalysts for when it comes to the future growth and support of employee engagement. 

As myself and Jim are extremely keen advocates of making the working environment a more fun atmosphere to be in, the work, message and core values that NWEEG are helping to spread is definitely something that The Fun Experts are excited to be a part of.