A to Z of Events: H is For...

A to Z of Events: H is For...
Event Planning Advice | 22-02-2019 | Posted By Mia Williams

It sure does feel good to be back! At the helm of this week's A to Z of events, it's your funky Fun Expert® Will. This weeks topic is one I personally called "dibs" on as soon as it was first mentioned!

Today we are looking at the letter H, meaning we'll be looking at the 'Hiring' process. More specifically, the simplicity from the moment of the first enquiry to the final booking stage, your Fun Expert® is here to merrily walk you through the 7 simple steps.

Step One - Browse 

Make sure you have a good peruse on the Sunshine Events Website and see what FUNtastic equipment is available to bring that memorable experience to your event.

Step Two - Talk

So you've seen the amazing equipment Sunshine Events has to offer, and you've added your choices to the basket, it's now time to get in touch with one of our Fun Experts® and get the ball moving.

Step Three - Quote

One of the most important roles with our Fun Experts® is to make sure your event is as perfect as it can be, so once you receive your quote let us know if there are any components you would like to change and our Fun Experts®will be happy to help. Remember, creating Fun is what we know and do best! 

Step Four - Book Us

You've discussed your quote with the Fun Experts® and now you're super excited for your event. Next, we will call you to run you through all the little details and logistical arrangements (don't worry - we've taken care of all the little stressy bits for you).

Step Five - Site Visit

If you're like me with slight OCD tendencies, you want to make sure every little thing has been addressed before the big day. Well, that's no problem for the Fun Experts®, we will happily come down and do a site visit before the big day to ensure that extra piece of mind.

Step Six - Relax

Now everything is being taken care of behind the scenes with our logistical Fun Experts® there is only one more thing left for you to do, sit back and relax in the knowledge that the Fun Experts® are crossing the t' and dotting the I's. 

Step Seven - Enjoy

Your event is now being taken care of by The Fun Experts®, so get out there and go have a great time! 

This week's A to Z blog was quite a quick one, but when the process of hiring with Sunshine Events that simple and stress-free what else can we say. See you all next week Sunshiners!