A Day On The Events Team At Leyland Trucks

A Day On The Events Team At Leyland Trucks
The Fun Experts Team | 31-08-2022 | Posted By Mia Williams

I've been working at The Fun Experts as Digital Marketing Apprentice for a couple of months now and since I spend a lot of my time in the office creating content about all your fun-filled events, last weekend I figured it was about time I experienced one first hand. And what better than a local Family Fun Day at Leyland Trucks where I got to tag along, give the team a hand and get a real insight into event life?


7am  -  Bright and early on Sunday morning, I headed to the site at Leyland Trucks yard where I got to meet lots of new faces and from the off it was all hands on deck to get the venue ready for the arrival of its guests. With thirty pieces of kit to be erected, such as Funfair Side Stalls, Giant Games, Bouncy Castle and Slides, Inflatable Challenges, Crazy Golf, Popcorn and Candyfloss Carts and other activities including Face Painting and a Circus Skills Workshop, set up wasn't an easy task, but with the team work of eighteen Fun Experts, we were up and running in what felt like no time!


11am - After a bite to eat, a team talk and a big group photo we were assigned to pieces of kit and ready to welcome all of Leyland Trucks' staff and their families. With up to 5,000 guests set to attend throughout the day, we soon saw crowds flooding in and it was so great to see everyone having a great time. The weather can often make an event, and we were lucky the sun was beating down, having everyone in good spirits as they made their way around the site enjoying each piece of equipment. Whether flying down the Helter-Skelter, winning one of the hundreds of prizes up for grabs on Cork Shoot or Cactus Toss, queueing to use their tokens on fresh Candyfloss or a cone of sweet warm Popcorn or simply relaxing in one of our Striped Deckchairs, there were smiles and laughter to be seen and heard wherever I went. 


4pm - You know what they say, time flies when you're having fun... and the event definitely flew! When 4pm rolled around and it was time for everyone to go, younger guests were begging for one last turn on the equipment which only affirmed the event was a real success. Although the event was over, the hard work wasn't and we quickly got to work packing down kit while reflecting on the day's highs, which gave me time to get to know the staff I don't get to spend time with while I'm in the office. Overall, the day was an eye opening one, as I got to see the hard work that goes into each one of our events and how rewarding it can be when they go so well. 


Fancy holding an event like this one? Our team of Fun Experts are always on hand and ready to make yours a great one, from the moment we pick up the phone, right up until we leave the site after your guests have gone home. So, feel free to Contact Us Today and start planning your own!