Are You Ready For Another Round Up?

Are You Ready For Another Round Up?
The Fun Experts Team | 24-08-2022 | Posted By Mia Williams

This last month has been a blur of sunshine, laughter and a whole lot of fun. Amongst multiple heat waves and loads of events in locations all across the nation for you and your companies, it's been a busy one, so brace yourselves for an action-packed, fun-filled August round-up! 


We kicked off the month by having some fun of our own with The Fun Experts Family Fun Day 2022, which was a great opportunity to celebrate our achievements and for our families to see what we get up to at work. Games were in full swing with the volleyball tournament and some of your favourite Side Stalls, fun Inflatables like the Slide and wild Rodeo Bull were enjoyed by all and finally the awards ceremony saw members of our amazing events team joining our 'Clubs' based on how many of your events they've attended since joining The Fun Experts family, from 100-300. The whole evening was a huge success as we all got to experience the fun of your events we're so used to staffing for ourselves.


The summer months always bring back memories of sunny school days with one of the highlights being the annual Sports Day. So it's no surprise that so many of you enlisted us to help plan one of your own this year with our variety of Themed Activities and Packages. Lancaster University were a prime example of this as they introduced some British culture to their students from overseas on their Team Building day, during which they were able to experience a classic school Sports Day and you can read all about it in the Case Study Here. But the games didn't end there! R3 and Nando's in London both put together Team Events with the help of The Fun Experts and numerous races, Inflatable Assault Courses and Challenges that brought colleagues together under the sunshine for some motivational fun.


When the weather is fine, what's better than a Family Fun Day? At The Fun Experts, we say not much, so this month we've been very fortunate that so many of you have held your own and added us to the guest list! Funfair Themed Side Stalls, Inflatable Challenges from Wipeouts to Surf Simulators, fabulous Face Painters and our Food Carts have been just a fraction of the fun factor at events for the likes of The Jockeys Club at Haydock Race Course and Great Bear Distribution in Manchester.


 Overall, we've had a fantastic four weeks of events and we hope you have too. We're sure the remaining months will be able to live up to it and want to know the best part? You don't need to wait for the next round up to find out if they do! By following us on our social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn you can get live updates on The Fun Experts, as they happen.