A Christmas Party... In January?

A Christmas Party... In January?
Event Inspiration | 14-12-2022 | Posted By Mia Williams

Have you left booking too late and missed the Christmas party boat? Or like us, you're busier than Santa's elves all December long and struggling to find the time to celebrate? Then why not erase some of those January blues and carry on the festivities into the new year! Your January Christmas Party doesn't need to be all reindeers and snowmen, we've got all the fun to keep the whole office entertained and help you celebrate a fantastic year no matter the season. 

The best way to bring people over the Christmas period or all year round is with a bit of friendly competition and we've got a huge selection of games for everyone to enjoy. Some of our festive favourites, the Roll a Ball Reindeer Race and Christmas Pudding Shy return to their usual selves, the Donkey Derby and Coconut Shy, while our Virtual Reality Experiences and Nintendo Switches are a barrel of laughs even when the virtual snow has cleared! 


The World Cup might be over in January, but for football fanatics, why not bring the tournament to the office party with our Party Table Football? Or better still, the Human Table Football so everyone can get in on the action! Not a fan of football? We've got a whole range of other sporting games and equipment from the Basketball Challenge to the Indoor Putting Golf so you can show off your skills and go head to head with your colleagues at your favourite games.


What's a party without a way to remember it? Especially when the drinks are flowing, memory alone might not last! With our range of Photo Booths you'll receive a keepsake to take away with you and commemorate the night for Januarys to come! You've got the classic green screen Photo Booth with tonnes of background options to choose from that can even be personalised to your brand or the Magic Selfie Mirror that acts as an extra party guest as it interacts with you and friends before snapping some shots of you striking a pose and donning some of our funky props. Of course both options will print out a physical strip of photos for you to take away and display in the office!


If you've made it this far into the blog post then it's about time we let you know that January is a discounted month, so think of the money you save waiting until after Christmas to hold your office party as drinks for everyone on us! Check out our Full Range of Party Fun and give yourself something to look forward to in the new year by Contacting The Fun Experts to get that last minute party started!