Why We Should Plan a Team Building Event

Why We Should Plan a Team Building Event
Event Inspiration | 28-01-2019 | Posted By Mia Williams

Your friendly Fun Expert Will here, now, after reading our latest blog on the benefits of a happy workplace, you're looking to get your employees all fired up and motivated to smash those targets, but you face one obstacle......You don't know where to even start.

Now before we get into our FUNtastic ideas my fellow Sunshiner, let's just have a little re-cap on why throwing a team building event would be of great benefit for your organisation.

  • It helps build confidence and trust between your employee
  • Helps to relieve any possible conflict between colleagues   
  •  Team Building is a great way to open up the lines of communication between your staff
  • Positively Improving the corporate culture can be a direct result of using Team Building exercises
  • Team Building exercises can drastically increase employee engagement

Now that we've caught you up on all that you need to know.........lets get into the Fun stuff!

 Outdoor Team Building activities 

So you've gathered all your employees up outside and they're already lapping up that crisp fresh air (that's half the battle won). Well here at Sunshine Events we have provided you with some Team Building ideas that we know will go down a treat with your employees.

So you're looking for something which focuses on communication and co-operation? How about our Build a Tower which requires two team members to be completely blindfolded whilst their teammates become not only their eyes but also their hands!

What about something with a little more communication? Well, look no further than our Puzzle Cube. Get your employee's brain cells working overdrive by trying to get the giant puzzle pieces to fit together. Want to up the pressure? how about throwing a time limit in there to really get the tension building.

"But Sunshine, do you have something a bit more......erm.....competitive?"

SAY NO MORE MY FELLOW SUNSHINER! Always one to outdo ourselves, fresh out of her stable, we present to you Maurice the Bull our very own Rodeo Bull. Suitable for all team members to take part in,  try and stay on the Rodeo Bull the longest to get your teams average time higher than your opponents. The great addition of the Rodeo is that everyone's participation is crucial to the team's success making it a real team pleaser. 

Do you have anything that incorporates competitiveness and physical power? 

We sure do! And you've come to the right place. Sunshine Events presents our Wipeout Inflatable and Inflatable Assault Course. Firstly, our Wipeout inflatable sees your teams exercising their muscles by jumping and ducking in order to avoid the grasp of that sweeper. Up to 4 players can battle it out to become the last one standing and be crowned the king or Queen of our Wipeout Arena. 

Next, Sunshine Events have a crowd favourite in the form of our Assault Course Hire. Whether you're climbing rope ladders, jumping through tunnels or just bashing through barricades, the assault course comes with all kinds of obstacles that are sure to put your teams to the test and boost their morale. Whatever the occasion, Sunshines Events have the perfect outdoor Teambuilding activities perfect for you.

Indoor Team Building activities

As definite as the toast always falling butter side down, the weather has arrived and brought with it that predictable British rain. Worry not my fellow Sunshiner as here at the fun factory we have just the things for a rainy day!

Let's bring it down a few gears and focus more on your steady nerves as opposed to your sheer strength. Sunshine Events presents The Human Buzzwire. "The Human Buzzwire?" I hear you say. That is correct, our Human Buzz Wire comes with a circular ring attached to a helmet. Teams must lift and navigate their human-sized wands to the end goal without tripping that dreaded buzz alarm!

Want something a little faster? how about as fast as you can physically move! Look no further than a fan (Fun Expert) favourite, the Batak Pro. Simple in theory, but difficult in execution, our Batak Pro requires teams to hit the lit target (12 lights) which appears at random as many time as possible within 30 seconds. Be sure to note your scores as the team with the most points will walk away victorious. 

If any of these ideas tickle your fancy how about talking to one of our Fun Experts to see what Fun we can bring to your Team Building extravaganza! Still unsure? Take a look at our other Team Building ideas guaranteed to get you scheming up some amazing Team-based activities.