National Fun at Work Day!

National Fun at Work Day!
News Articles and Talks | 24-01-2019 | Posted By Mia Williams

So here it is, without a doubt our favourite day of the year...NATIONAL FUN AT WORK DAY! (bugles begin playing as it rains confetti).

Hello Sunshiners! Your friendly Fun Expert® Will here just taking a break from shooting the hoops and setting high scores at Sunshine HQ. National Fun Day has officially arrived and we couldn't be more excited!

As a fully qualified Fun Expert®, it is my mission to bring you all those juicy facts and figures surrounding Fun at Work and the positive impact some Fun in the workplace can bring.   

So let's get into all that good stuff!

Now it's no secret that happy employees make a healthier organisation and that wellbeing in the workplace makes perfect business sense, "but just how much healthier is it Will?" I hear you ask.

Did you know that social play is a critical component of a healthy creative development? Well, young Children's optimum learning occurs when they are playing, and the same applies to us adults (big kids). 

By incorporating  Fun initiatives into your office, this is one of the most effective ways to breed innovation and significantly increase employee engagement within the workplace. 

A 2015 study by the boffins over at Warwick University's Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy found an increase in 12% productivity from employees who were happier in the workplace, in some cases even a 20% increase (picks jaw up from the floor).  

It wouldn't come to you as a shock either that humans love food and that we also love free things, so when you put them together you have a recipe for pure happiness. With that in mind, 67% of employees with access to free food tend to demonstrate extreme happiness within the office.

Bonus Fact! 48% of people seeking employment look at the business perks (including snacks) when making their career decisions  

Now I know you're a busy person so let me quick fire some of these facts for you (takes a deep breath)

  • A happy salesforce sees a 37% increase in their sales
  • Employees would give up £5000 of their salary in exchange for a happier work environment
  • Its been shown that employees who are happier within the workplace have 10x fewer days off sick
  • Healthy work relationships increase employee satisfaction by a whopping 50%
  • Employees happy in the workplace show lower heart rates between beats meaning the risk of disease is decreased (also reducing sick days)

As an expert in Fun is one of my primary talents, I could talk about the positive effects of happiness in the workplace for hours, but I know you have plenty of jobs to do and this high score won't beat itself. So, before I go I'll leave you with this quote from Sunny Sandwell our Director of Fun.

"Having fun makes seriously good business sense"

if you would like to take a look at the sources we used please feel free to come and take a look.