Red Rose Awards 2019.......WE'RE FINALISTS!

Red Rose Awards 2019.......WE'RE FINALISTS!
Awards | 24-01-2019 | Posted By Mia Williams

Well, would you believe it! We're not even at the end of January and we've gone and become finalists for the Red Rose Awards 2019!

And not just one award, BUT TWO! 

Leisure Business Award

First up, your Fun Experts® have become finalists for the Leisure Business Award, "but what does that mean?" we hear you say. Well, gather round Sunshiners, friendly Fun Expert® Will is here to give you all the lowdown on the criteria needed for such an award. 

"The winner of this award will be able to demonstrate their contribution to the leisure and tourism economy for residents or visitors. You help bring in people from the outside, and you give Lancastrians reasons to stay and spend here. The best, our winner, will be innovating and investing to keep ahead of the game".

This award recognises how all of our Fun Expert®s® bring such a FUNtastic atmosphere to events up and down the country, and specifically for the Red Rose Awards, Lancashire. So much so that our clients continually come back to us as we invest and innovate in bringing the FUN every day!

Customer Service Award 

At Sunshine Events, customer service is at the very core of who we are and what we do. We are so proud of our values and core ethos that we have it openly on display for all to see.

It is these core values that are clearly reflected in the way we conduct our customer service, no matter what time it is or where we are. The Fun Experts® go above and beyond for each and every customer ensuring that their journey is the best it can be.

We pride ourself on our amazing customer service feedback which you can read on our site - we have it displayed 24/7 on our website in the form of our Customer Sure rating and the feedback is live and un-editable by us.

Now all that is left are the infamous interviews, these will help the judges make their final decision and then all will be revealed come Thursday the 14th of March (put it in your diaries).

Finally we are truly humbled and proud to not only be finalists alongside so many amazing companies who are great ambassadors for such an award, but we will also be contributing to the night as the Corporate Entertainment sponsors.

It's going to be an amazing night - Good luck to each and every finalist!