The Fun Experts exhibit to the exhibitors!

The Fun Experts exhibit to the exhibitors!
News Articles and Talks | 07-02-2022 | Posted By Ryan Lee

Shout Network invite The Fun Experts and stand out from the crowd.

Shout Network, the North West's leading business network are on a mission, their aim: to support North West business through highly effective networking events, exhibitions and commercial partnerships; delivering cost effective marketing solutions and promotions opportunities.

Launched in 2008 in Preston, Shout have gone on to organise the Lancashire Business Expo taking place in Preston's Guild Hall, and since that first event in 2015, expanded with the launch of Shout Expo which organises annual exhibitions in Preston, Manchester and Liverpool.

Ahead of these exhibitions in March, June & October, Shout Network held their Joint Meeting (#SNJM) - a bi-monthly event where members come together from across all groups for a mini expo and conference. 

Shout Network invited the Fun Experts to February's Joint Meeting at Manchester Worsley Park, Marriott Hotel to attend their mini expo to demonstrate the power of including Fun as part of a business' exhibition and promoting their services - showcasing how a business can stand out from the crowd.

"This is amazing and just what we've been looking for to make our stand more interesting"

As the mini expo began, guests flocked to The Fun Experts...was it the sight of the Cash Grabber, Maze Runner and Bowl O'Rama that attracted guests. We're going to hazard a HUGE guess at...Yes!

As guests were drawn in the conversations naturally began to flow, Directors of Fun Sunny Sandwell & James Sandwell, along with Logistics Supervisor Adrian Lee were on hand to offer their knowledge and share stories from previous clients whom have benefited from introducing Fun to their stands.

The impact of providing Fun on your exhibition stand is...FUNquestionable (see what we did there!). There is no doubt that a strong brand supports your business and helps you stand out when exhibiting, but when you're at the likes of ExCel, Manchester Central, NEC and so on, it's easy to get lost in the crowd. 

The Fun Experts aim, when being invited by Shout Network's Maria Coupe and Ian Coupe, was to showcase just how exactly including eye catching equipment will peak the interest of guests even more and draw them in. Instantly, the ice is broken, non of that awkward first introductions or finding the right line to entice people in. As guests enjoy the fun, it gives you the opportunity to begin building that relationship. You become interactive, engaging...memorable.

"I've always wondered where to get this equipment from..."

A business can spend anything up to £2 - 3k (yes really!) when planning their exhibition: for exhibition space, promotional material, giveaways (how many pens and cups do you bring back from Exhibitions?) etc. So here's one suggestion from The Fun Experts, flip your spend on its head...put Fun at the forefront of your plans...exhibitions, promotional events, product launches all benefit from Fun!

CASE STUDY: With a new book launch, Penguin Books were looking for a thrillingly fun way to promote release...Read More...

With over 400 items of fun equipment, there is a variety of Fun available to hire for Exhibitions. Taking into account the size aspect of a stand, the ability to stand out and open to be branded with your brand - you can find FUNspiration right here, with items that include the Life Size Pin Art, Batak Lite and Bounce A Ball to name a few. 

Speak to The Fun Experts today and let's make sure you get everything you need from your exhibition plans in generating those leads, capturing that data and creating those relationships.

You can also request your own copy of the Exhibition Entertainment Guide right here - an event specific guide brought to you by The Fun Experts, highlighting the 4.5 steps to take in order to benefit fully from exhibiting

The Lancashire Business Expo takes place on 25th March, 2022 at Preston's Guild Hall followed by the Merseyside Business Expo and North West Expo taking place on 30th June 2022 and 21st October 2022 respsectively.