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Who loves a thrilling read - especially one set within a beautiful yet eerie hotel in the Swiss Alps?

It turns out readers in Sheffield and Liverpool, specifically, do - two UK cities with the largest numbers of thriller novels being sold.

So with the release of new author Sarah Pearse's debut novel, The Sanatorium, publishers Penguin Books were in need of a promotional event that would tie into the books wintry, chilling theme. 


Having seen the Giant Snow Globe when researching fun promotional ideas, Marie Goodwin and Emma Burton of Penguin Random House thought it would make for a perfect way to market the new release, which is set against the Swiss Alps.

Fun Expert Stephen took the call and was able to work with the team at Penguin in coming up with the perfect option... 

Featuring bespoke branding options, the 'Event Globe' as it becomes known for promotional events, could feature a bespoke printed backdrop - a huge canvas that would sit within the globe and perfect for garnering attention. Supplying The Fun Experts with the artwork, we are able to take care of the printing of this epic backdrop in-house.

A key theme behind the new novel is being trapped within 'The Sanatorium', a luxurious hotel set against a wintry backdrop - so what better than for the public to step inside the Event Globe and take a selfie against the bespoke backdrop, perhaps imagining they too are trapped within the Sanatorium (of course The Fun Experts were on hand to let people in and out).

With the concept, the fun equipment and more importantly the brand and promotional material agreed, it came to the event!

Visiting Sheffield and Liverpool across two consecutive days, The Fun Experts were on hand with the branded Event Globe to promote the release of Waterstones 'Thriller Book of the Month' outside Waterstones bookstores in the two locations.

First came Liverpool, with The Fun Experts setting up the branded Event Globe outside Waterstones bookstore at Liverpool One.

Passers-by would be given a sneak preview of the new novel with a free sampler, a perfect introduction to the story containing the Prologue and first two chapters.

The following day, it was the turn for Sheffield with the Event Globe situated within the indoor shopping centre Meadowhall, again the event taking place outside Waterstones Book Store - who had declared the book their Thriller Book of the Month for January.

The two days were a great success with hundreds of samples handed out, introducing the story to many thriller fans. Better still, it was a promotional event that stood out and created a memorable impact.

Catching the eyes of shoppers as they went about a normal day, they came away having experienced a part of 'The Sanatorium' and surely spread the word of this fantastic read from an exciting debut novelist.

You can order your copy of The Sanatorium now from all good retailers - here is just a snippet of what some of today's top novelists think of it...

"I absolutely loved The Sanatorium - it gave me all the wintry thrills and chills" - Lucy Foley

"Spine-tingling...a must-read" - Richard Osman

"A chillingly vivid thriller" - T. M. Logan

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