How have exhibitions changed in 2022?

How have exhibitions changed in 2022?
Event Inspiration | 03-02-2022 | Posted By Ryan Lee

Without dwelling too much on the last two years, it goes without saying that 2020 & 2021's historic impact on the world will continue to be felt for some time.

However 2022 is the turning tide as the year ahead, specifically for the events industry, see's a days busting throughout the calendar year. The Exhibition and Conference element of the event industry is one that will see a huge boom in the months ahead, as businesses prepare to get back to fully embracing the power of exhibitions and promotional events.

The Global exhibition industry contracted by 68% in 2020

Source: UFI Covid Report 2021

There was a significant loss to the industry when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, where £245 billion was missed in trade between exhibitors. To put this into context, the UK alone will have seen a loss of £11 billion (an annual figure that had been generated prior to Covid).

2022 will see this change dramatically again...this time, for the better. With hundreds of Exhibitions scheduled for the months ahead at venues that include ExCel, NEC, Olympia, Manchester Central to name just a few, the UK will see the sector on a journey returning to an estimated worth of £192.2 billion (2015's estimated worth).

95% of exhibitiors prefer 'in-person' to 'virtual' events

Source: Display Wizard Covid 19 Trade Show Report 2022

Prior to Covid, UK exhibitions saw an average of 13 million visitors a year. THIRTEEN MILLION! The value of face to face time with your people, your audience, is enormous. Though there has been, and expected to be further still, a shift toward hybrid events - especially while Covid continues to cause minor disruption in the world - there is no doubt that behind the power of promotion in person.

Exhibitions across all walks of business, from sectors that include travel, engineering, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, tech and so many more, have seen exhibition space fill quickly and attendance tickets sell.

So if you're looking to exhibit in 2022, whether it be to promote your business and generate new leads, or the launch of a new product to an audience, now is the time to invest (if you haven't already) both time and money. Traditionally, it would usually cost you anywhere between £300-£500 per sqm, coming to about £3000 on average, for a stand at an exhibition...but imagine the ROI for your time.

So what's different in 2022?

Exhibitions are back! It's that simple - the methodology, the purpose behind these events remain the same.

We are here, or rather you are there, in the flesh. With your stand, your business, your product: ready to talk to your audience, your potential customers face to face. Where the last two years have seen virtual versions and attempts of exhibitions, the power of promotion in person is massive.

But...what can you do different in 2022?

Exhibitions, promotions and product launches are like dating; people have to notice you, like you and have a reason to engage with stand out from the crowd.

"An eye catching stand is the most effective method for attracting attendees, according to 48% of exhibitors surveyed"

Source: Display Wizard Exhibitor Survey

As we mentioned, an exhibitor can spend £2 - 3000 on their stand, covering the cost of space hire and the displays. Some can spend as little as up to £500. But you have to consider that ROI and to really return on it, you need to stand out from the crowd...

Having a piece of fun equipment on your stand will help you to be interactive, engaging and memorable. So follow these 4.5 steps to Fun (and successful event)...

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    and finally...4.5. Enjoy! Maximise and stand out from the crowd - the most important part!

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Rounding up...

So let's have a look back at some of those all important figures taken from pre covid and now...

  • Exhibitions ARE BACK!!!
  • Prior to Covid, UK exhibitions see an average of 13 million (THIRTEEN...MILLION) visitors a year!
  • This generated around 11...Billion pounds on spends
  • There’s a 5% decrease in brand perception when a company doesn’t attend a trade show that’s relevant to their industry.
  • In 2010, exhibitors spent 2.7 billion pounds on products and services to demonstrate at events
  • As of 2015, this sector was worth an estimated………..(drum roll)........£19.2 billion! 

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Facts & Figures courtesy of UFI Covid Report 2021; Display Wizard Exhibitor Survey; Display Wizard Covid 19 Trade Show Report 2022; Event BriteAllwagMarketing Donut.