Perfect Fun for Employee Engagement

Perfect Fun for Employee Engagement
Event Inspiration | 04-03-2022 | Posted By Ryan Lee

Fun in the workplace is something that goes together like chalk & cheese...

Wait! What? No that can't be right: that's a prehistoric thought to have. Fun in the workplace goes together more like cheese & crackers; Morecambe & Wise; Bert & Ernie; Batman & Robin - fun & work is one of the best combinations in history.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Perhaps something we all said when we flew the nest during our University days, however never has a saying been more relevant.

Workplace culture, wellbeing in the workplace - prior to Covid it had begun to instil itself in HR business plans and during the Pandemic, it very much came to the forefront of a business environment.

With restrictions lifted back in February, for some businesses offices are back to normal, some have introduced Hybrid working, while others are struggling to bring their people back. Fun in the workplace can be a core part of your values that inspires, motivates and welcomes your people.

Here are our Top 10 pieces of Fun Entertainment for Employee Engagement.

Strike A Light

Either as one on one or teams of two, Strike A Light is perfect quick fire fun as teams compete against one another to, well, strike a many as they can in 60 seconds. Perfect for adding some fun competition to the work floor or break room.

Table Top Games

With a varied selection of games available including Shuffle Pucks, Carnival Coin Roller, Snake Pit, Skee Ball to name a few, the fantastic table top games are perfect to place around your offices for employees - if you're an office short on space, taking up little room but providing a huge amount of fun; an office space with numerous floors or plenty of room and in need of spreading the fun. 

Table Top Games are the perfect ingredient for injecting fun into the working environment.

Basketball Challenge

The ultimate arcade challenge...brought to your workplace. The two player basketball challenges are perfect for introducing some friendly competition amongst colleagues or introduce department heats!

Party Table Football

Forget about the traditional sized table footballs, allow us to introduce you to our Party Table Football, the size of two table footballs, this beauty allows for up to 8 players in total, two teams of 4! Let the beautiful game commence.


You may begin to see a theme amongst some of the fantastic pieces of Fun and that's the competitive edge! The Batak is the original 'chase the light' reaction game. Used by athletes and sporting legends in Formula One and Football, the Batak is great fun with a variety of time challenges available. Add a score board and track the scores!

Cash Grabber

The perfect piece of fun to bring in to your office and include an incentive! In the past we've had Cash Grabbers filled with real cash, vouchers of simply using our Funny Money to fill your pockets and whomever comes out with the most, wins!

Atari Pong Table

Retro gaming - if you missed it the first time round, then those classic games have come back in some wonderful ways. Such as the very popular Atari Pong Table. The classic game is given a major Fun zhoosh that fits well within the workplace. 

Bounce A Ball

One of our newer pieces of Fun, the Bounce A Ball joined us at the tail end of 2021, so 2022 is the year that this fantastic piece of entertainment sends a wave of fun across events and workplaces in the UK.

Grab It

 Do you have the fastest hand in the West? Or the North, South or even East? Two people take their places at either side of the Grab It Table where 5 rods stand. As the lights begin to flash, whichever rod is left lit after a little dance of the lights, the quickest to Grab It wins! Simple, effective fun!

Fun At Work

 Why have Fun at Work 1 day a month, once every quarter or even just once a year - whatever your engagement plans allow for - when you can have Fun at Work 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Find out more about how you can introduce Fun At Work right here



You'll have noticed something across each piece of fun here - they're simple, but very effective when introducing Fun into the workplace!

If you want to find out more about how we can support you and your business with introducing Fun to the office, whether it be for a day of incentives and team building or more, then get in touch with The Fun Experts today.

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