Taking Health & Safety to the next level with The Fun Experts and PIPA

Taking Health & Safety to the next level with The Fun Experts and PIPA
Health & Safety | 19-04-2024 | Posted By Ryan Lee

For over 21 years, The Fun Experts have provided a fun service to customers across the UK. And while our offerings remain fun, engaging and see a 5* service across the board, underlying all of this is safety.

Ahead of the game, The Fun Experts tend to go further than whats required on paper when it comes to safety and HSE legislation. Over the years, the team have been introduced to improved processes and standards in terms of safety.

From the safe set up and operation of our equipment inline with manufacturers guidelines, annual testing of inflatable equipment with PIPA and much more, the business has always prided itself on the steps taken to ensure health & safety remains at the forefront of what we do (or more precisely, remains behind the scenes ensuring that at the front facing, everything is as it should be and better!).

What is PIPA

PIPA is the UK's inflatable play inspection scheme set up to ensure that providers of such equipment conform to recognised safety standards.

BS EN 14960 is the only standard for design, manufacture and testing of inflatable play equipment. PIPA bases its inspection scheme on the European standard, and produces guidance and training to PIPA inspectors to understand the standard and how to apply PIPA guidance during their inspections.

The PIPA Operator Training Course

2024 see's the release of two years of work and planning between PIPA and HSE, with the release of the new PIPA Operator Training Course.

The PIPA Operator Training Course provides operators of inflatable devices with the underpinning knowledge required to safely operate and supervise an inflatable.

As part of Health & Safety law, operators of inflatable equipment must be suitably trained to not only supervise users, but also ensure equipment is safe to use in whichever environment it has been situated. The PIPA Operator Training Course provides owners of such equipment with the theory and practical demonstration to help them to show they meet the necessary requirements. 

The PIPA Operator Training Course is provided through accredited PIPA Accredited Trainers. The accredited trainers are experienced PIPA inspectors.

The course has been developed with a number of feedback mechanisms to underpin training and ensure training is high quality - featuring practical and theory assessments, The Fun Experts were tested in many areas relating to the safety of our industry.

HSE Regulations

Historically inflatable operators would need to ensure they comply with BS EN 14960 and while this is still the case, HSE along with PIPA have brought in additional measures to help support business and ensure they do comply.

The Fun Experts have always gone above and beyond when following guidance, advice and law - complying with BS EN 14960 and the many requirements.

The Fun Experts are PIPA Operators

In March 2024, a number of Fun Experts attended the PIPA Operators Course. This included members of the Management Team, Sales Team, Logistics and Event Teams and each one successfully passed the course.

Gong orward, the teams will be able to share and implement this information into their own training and induction platforms. 

You've been able to trust in the expertise of The Fun Experts, from safety to the best in equipment and service, and having undertaken this newly formed course, it cemented the fact that your Fun Experts have truly been delivering beyond expectation...and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Find more information regarding safety around your events here, and trust in safe and fun events with The Fun Experts.