Having Fun in the Heat!

Having Fun in the Heat!
Health & Safety | 15-06-2023 | Posted By Mia Williams

With temperatures soaring across the UK and no sign of them dropping any time soon, we wanted to use this week's blog post to reassure you that your events can be held safely despite any concerns you might have about the heatwave. During last year's spell of extremely hot weather we had a few concerned clients enquiring about whether their event would be safe to go ahead, so this year we wanted to reassure you that by coming together and keeping each other safe, this summer doesn't have to be anything short of fun!

Stay in the shade

Where possible, having a sheltered spot where we can set up your entertainment is necessary in heat like this, whether that's in some shade, under a marquee or even indoors is a great idea. While you might feel like having equipment inside defeats the object of a summer Fun Day, it's much better to be safe than sorry and ensure that your guests, particularly youngsters, will be able to have fun whilst staying safe and comfortable.

 Notify your guests

Prior to your event, once you've checked the forecast and seen that it's set to be a scorcher, now would be a good idea to find a way of contacting everyone attending and encouraging them to keep themselves protected, whether that's by applying sun cream, putting on hats and sunglasses and wearing light and cool clothing; also reminding them to stay hydrated by bringing water is extremely important. As the event host, it would be even better to provide plenty of bottled water or a tap where guests can fill up their water bottles, as well as the usual summer fete refreshments like ice creams and soft drinks. 


Safe Inflatables

One of the most popular types of equipment for Family Fun Days is our range of fun Inflatables, however we do understand that the idea of children playing on these units in the heat maybe a cause of concern. The Fun Experts can assure you that our range of Castles, Slides and Inflatable Challenges have been designed so that the air used to inflate them flows continuously in and out of the units, meaning there is no risk of them becoming a hazard or popping. We can't, however, promise that the surface of the inflatables will not become hot when exposed to the sun and therefore we advise that all children wear socks when using them. All of our Events Team have had in depth training in staffing and keeping your guests safe on our equipment, so you can relax, rest assured that our team are on hand to supervise and bring even more fun, and enjoy your special day stress free.


Health and safety is a very important part of the process when planning events with our clients and should you have any concerns running up to your event, feel free to Give Our Logistics Team A Call, where they'll be able to reassure you and talk you through your options. In the mean time, we hope you're enjoying the sunshine and look forward to seeing you at your events soon!