How To Have FUN In A Heatwave

How To Have FUN In A Heatwave
Health & Safety, Event Planning Advice | 18-07-2022 | Posted By Mia Williams

With temperatures rising across the UK, you may be wondering how The Fun Experts can continue delivering our speciality during a heatwave? Well with your help it is indeed possible, so here are a few top tips to ensure that your Fun Experts event can run smoothly and safely despite the hot weather!

1. Provide Plenty of Shade 

It's very important that guests aren't made to stand in direct sunlight all day long and therefore you may want to provide more shade than usual. Whether this means us setting up equipment under marquees or if needs be, moving areas of your event into indoor spaces, it is extremely beneficial to do so where possible, as while a summer event may make more sense in the sunshine, your safety comes first. 

2. Stay Hydrated!

Refreshments are an important part of any successful event (who doesn't love an ice cream or cold drink on a hot day?) but in these conditions they're more crucial than ever. You'll want to be stocked up on plenty of bottled water as well as the usual soft drinks and making sure all guests are drinking plenty to avoid dehydration. 

3. Inflatable Safety

In the case of having hired one of our wide variety of Inflatables, the combination of children using the units and the heat may be a concern for you. The Fun Experts can assure you that our inflatable range of castles, slides and games are manufactured so that the air used to inflate them flows continuously into and out of the units so will never become a hazard. However, we cannot guarantee that the surface of the inflatables will not become hot when exposed to the sun and therefore we advise that all children wear socks when using them. When hiring an inflatable for an event, rest assured there will always be a member of our Fun Experts team on hand to not only supervise but to bring even more FUN so you can enjoy your special day stress free.

4. Be Protected

As well as event related precautions, there are also physical ones you and your guests should ensure you are taking. SPF being the number one, particularly on younger children who should be wearing factor 50. Sunhats and light clothing should also be encouraged to ensure guests are as cool as possible.

At The Fun Experts your safety matters as well as ensuring you have a great time, which is why we advise our customers on ways you and our team can ensure a safe experience. This way, together, we can create the perfect event that can be enjoyed no matter the weather!