The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman
Event Inspiration | 16-01-2019 | Posted By Mia Williams

Roll Up, Roll Up! The Circus is now in town! Well, when we say circus we actually mean Sunshine Events and the Fun Experts®!

Your friendly Fun Expert Will here! Now I don't know about you, but if you haven't been living under a rock these last few months you will surely have seen Hugh Jackman's monster smash 'The Greatest Showman'  (I've seen it at least 6 far). 

So, with The Greatest Showman buzz still warm out of the oven - let's be honest, after a year since it's initial release and talk of Broadway and the West End, it'll never die down - the Fun Experts® went diving into their very own Big Top (i.e Fun Factory) and decided we would show you the types of themes and products Sunshine Events has to offer if you're thinking of throwing a Fun Fair themed event (WARNING! Hugh Jackman not included #SadFace)

Now, first things first, the Bouncy Castle has been a staple of Funfairs pretty much since the first clown donned his red nose and big shoes! That's where your trusty Fun Experts® and their Big Top of tricks come in. Here at the Sunshine Events Fun Factory, we have a bouncy castle for every occasion. Whether it be a Bouncy Castle Hire for Children or an adult size Bouncy Castle for slightly bigger kids (the adults), Sunshine Events has FUNtastic equipment available for any summer Fair event.

Sunshine Events supply both Child and Adult sized bouncy castles for both indoor and outdoor hire

"A Bouncy Castle will make a perfect addition to my Fun Fair! But Fun Fair needs some carnival side stalls"

You sure are right there my fellow Sunshiner, always available and always prepared to bring the Fun, we have not 4, not 8, NOT EVEN 12! But over 15 different side stalls that are guaranteed to drum up so much attention that even Ring Master P T Barnum would be after a job!

Whether you're looking for high octane excitement with the Tin Can Alley or something a little more relaxed like Spin the Wheel, Sunshine Events has just the stall to turn your summer fair into a summer showstopper.

"So Fun Experts®, where should I start when planning my Summer event?"

Whether planning to have some employees from the office let loose on a unicycle with our Circus Skills Workshop, or maybe you just want to relax with an Ice Cream on one of our Deck Chairs (we've over 500!) whilst soaking up the sun (or a mid-afternoon snooze), whatever ideas you have cooking away, the Fun Expert's Big Top of tricks is just teaming with fabulous event ideas right here.

 Deckchair Hire set up in the summer sun for an outdoor event

Already have something in mind? Or maybe you want to bounce some ideas around with one of our Fun Experts®? Come give us a call and we'll be happy to get you set for a summer of Fun! 


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