Celebrating Fun At Work Day 2023!

Celebrating Fun At Work Day 2023!
Fun At Work | 31-03-2023 | Posted By Mia Williams

Typically, Fun At Work Day is on a Saturday this year, however we do appreciate that many of you, like our Fun Experts, work weekends too! If this is the case, we hope you're having fun not just today but every day you spend at work and we want to help you do just that. In the words of Fun Expert Ric, 'I can't believe we get paid to do this!' and we believe that this is how everyone should feel in their job, so in honour of Fun At Work Day, here are a few of our favourite ways for you and your team to introduce regular fun to your work life. 

Giving fun a purpose!

It's really important to enable your staff to make time in their day for fun and introducing entertainment into the office that gives them something to get away from their screens for is key to this. Our range of Employee Engagement Ideas are a great example of this, as our range of activities and games will fit right into your office perfectly and provide the perfect balance between work and play. Not only can our office entertainment be a lot of fun, it can have great purpose too! When colleagues go head to head on some of our Interactive Games including our Maze Runners and Virtual Bowling or Bounce a Ball, they're more likely to return to their work feeling motivated and energised.


Surprise your staff!

Who doesn't love a good surprise? Especially when there's food involved! Upgrade from tea and biscuits with one of our Fun Food Carts and just wait until you see the looks on your colleagues faces when one of our red and white stripy carts topped with a Popcorn or Candyfloss Machine, or even an Ice Cream Bike on a hot day, are wheeled into the office. All of our Fun Food options are the perfect companion for an after work cinema night or just a mid afternoon pick me up.


Set time aside for fun...

Of course it's absolutely necessary to ensure you and your staff get their breaks and take holiday, get fresh air wherever you can and enjoy time to yourselves but it's also important for you to set designated time out whether it be regular staff socials or team activities to ensure your employees feel involved and appreciated. We have an exciting array of themed packages to help you get started, whether you're holding an Evening Event with a Theme to reward staff for their hard work or a Team Building Day.


If you're looking to implement any of these ideas within your company, I strongly recommend that you check out our Event Entertainment Guides! They're packed with even more fun ideas and inspiration, as well as our full range of equipment accompanied by Q&As, feedback and case studies from businesses like yours! The Fun Expert team are very well versed in fun at work, making us the perfect partner when looking to introduce fun to your business, so our sales team will be more than happy to have a chat about the services we have available should you like to Get In Touch! Happy Fun at Work Day everyone!