A Family of Fun Experts

A Family of Fun Experts
The Fun Experts Team | 16-03-2023 | Posted By Mia Williams

Yes, we are aware that it's a huge business cliché to describe yourselves as "like one big family", but we really do mean it! At The Fun Experts, we have a lot of family connections who have worked within the business past and present, and we see it as something that makes us closer. So without making things too complicated, here's a rundown of the Fun Expert family tree!

If you weren't already aware of our history, The Fun Experts is a business started almost 20 years ago now by Director of Fun, Sunny Sandwell, when she had a passion to create a job in which her and her future employees would enjoy going to work every day. A few years later when the business started to take off, she was joined by her husband, James, who has co-owned The Fun Experts alongside Sunny ever since.  


James isn't the only member of Sunny's family who has joined her for the ride, as her sister, Camille Bradshaw, is now Sales and Development Manager at The Fun Experts and the face behind some of your favourite product designs! Ever hired a Face Painter for one of your events? You might not have known at the time, but Sunny and Camille's Mum or one of her recruits may have painted your guests faces as her agency often gives us a helping hand in the Face Painting department! 


Sunny isn't the only Fun Expert to make The Fun Experts a family affair though, as there have been many other members added into the mix over the years. Operations and People Manager and Fun Expert of 15 years, Ryan Lee, works alongside his brother Adrian, Logistics Co-ordinator and previously their Dad, Dave, who has since retired. Another long term Fun Expert, Dom, has also been joined on the sales team by his wife, Beth, who's wedding we actually provided fun for back in 2014!


It's safe to say that the Fun Experts are definitely one big family and we wouldn't have it any other way! To keep up with The Fun Expert family, make sure you're following us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook for all the updates, ideas and of course... fun!