5 Deliveries of Fun for BUPA

5 Deliveries of Fun for BUPA
Fun At Work | 19-10-2022 | Posted By Mia Williams

With them being one of the UK's International Health Care Companies, we're always pleased to see Bupa focussing not just on physical health but also mental wellbeing, particularly in their sites across the UK. Like The Fun Experts, Bupa are keen on injecting fun into the workplace, being part of our aptly named business scheme, Fun at Work. So, when they got in touch looking to introduce even more equipment for their staff to enjoy in their offices around the country, we were more than happy to help!


When it came to organising the equipment for each site, Sales and Development Manager and Fun Expert, Camille, was the point of contact throughout the sales process. Camille quickly got to work, doing what she does best and going back and forth with Bupa to put together the right package. In the end, they decided on a Giant Jenga and Connect 4 at each site with the addition of a Pool Table and Basketball Challenge in one or two locations. 


Once sales were sorted, it was over to Logistics! Since all the fun was being dropped off and set up by our Events Team with no need for staffing, we were able to visit multiple locations across the North and South in one day, so James and Billy from our Logistics Team had the challenge of planning the route and ensuring everything would run smoothly for our Fun Experts. The plan was for Events Team members Donovan and Chloe to cover Northern locations, Manchester and Leeds, while Ben and George headed down South, delivering to Brighton, London and Staines following an overnight stay.

We were so happy to hear that Bupa's staff had such a fantastic time with the help of our equipment, particularly during Mental Health Awareness Week, when it's a better time than ever to stress the importance of workplace wellbeing. If you'd like to inject some fun into the office and make your colleagues smile, we're here to help, wherever you may be in the country. Check out our range of specially selected Equipment for Employee Engagement and Get in Touch with our team to get started!