4 Team-Building Ideas For Companies

4 Team-Building Ideas For Companies
Event Inspiration | 10-07-2019 | Posted By Mia Williams

When it comes to building trust, open communication, and camaraderie, a team-building event can be the perfect answer. Picking the right one, however, can prove to be quite an arduous task.  

Here at Sunshine Events, we’re often approached by clients with this issue. With over 15 years of experience in hosting team building events, we have compiled a list of four team building ideas that will cater to the needs of the Director, employees, and the overall outcome the event needs to achieve - a fun and engaging experience. 

It’s a Knockout

When you’re aiming to motivate, energise, and inspire your staff, then ‘It's a Knockout’ hire is the perfect way of achieving your goals of camaraderie, fellowship, and open communication. Not only does it promote an atmosphere of teamwork and partnership, but it also aids in supporting individuals’ physical fitness.

With a wide range of different activities at your disposal with this equipment, there will be aspects throughout that will appeal to all of the employees and ensure the Director’s core objectives are achieved within this team-building exercise. 

From inflatable obstacles, physical-based challenges, or just testing mental aptitude, our ‘It’s a Knockout’ hire is the perfect addition to any team building day where the goal is to motivate the team and form a strong relationship between them. 

Team-Building Sports Day 

Similar to the ‘It’s a Knockout’, our Team Building ‘Sports Day’ package focuses more on employees’ physical aspects as well as providing them with scenarios and tasks that will see them communicate and connect in never-before-seen ways.

Don’t be alarmed by the notion of a “sports” day event; with a breadth of knowledge and experience in hosting team building activities, The Fun Experts know that some individuals can be hesitant to participate at the prospect of sports. This is why all of the day's activities are carefully designed to ensure that all ability aspects are exercised, not just the physical aptitude. 

Whether the company Director wants to provide the opportunity for their employees to relive some child-like competition or create an atmosphere that promotes motivation and communication, our Team Building Sports Days are a sure-fire way of getting the whole workforce engaged, inspired, and energised. 

Team-Building for Indoors 

When it comes to hosting a team-building event, sometimes it’s not as simple as hiring an outdoor playing field and setting up outside. Sometimes the weather will have different ideas, or it's just not logistically feasible to get all of the staff in one place. 

It’s quite common that we have clients approaching us for alternative team building ideas that can be used within an indoor setting. As well as hosting events covering the whole of the UK, here at Sunshine Events we can provide many engaging and captivating activities indoors as well as outdoors.

Test employees’ problem-solving skills with team building puzzles like our Giant Puzzle Cube, or measure their reactions on our Batak Pro. The Fun Experts have all the tools and knowledge you need to create an engaging atmosphere centred around teamwork, both on-site or at an indoor venue.

Team-Building for Outdoors

Our extensive knowledge means that we can turn any outdoor space into an area that entices the imagination of employees as well as creating an atmosphere of teamwork and partnership. 

From teaching them the importance of listening and focusing,  with our Archery Hire, to the art of communication and organisation with our Human Buzz Wire, The Fun Experts have a myriad of activities and equipment that will entice staff to demonstrate attributes they may have never known they had. 

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Team building events are the perfect way of not only getting the employees outside of the normal nine-to-five routine, but also to bring out key skills and attributes from the staff, all of which will carry over into their day-to-day and significantly boost their overall productivity. 

Are you planning an upcoming team building event? Do you have some core objective you’d like to be the focal point? Be sure to get in touch by giving us a call today on 0800 086 2380 to speak to a Fun Expert who will help you with any question you have.