The Fun Experts try out Laughing Yoga!

The Fun Experts try out Laughing Yoga!
News Articles and Talks | 08-07-2019 | Posted By James Sandwell

Recently, myself, Sunny and the Fun Experts from Sunshine Events welcomed Pete Cann from Canned Laughter into Fun Towers to teach us the fine art of laughing yoga!

Having all of the Fun Experts gathered around in the office with the echoing sound of belly laughter was the perfect way to kick off the Monday morning. From the moment we began, I could instantly see the excitement and positive vibes flowing throughout the room. 

One thing I really enjoyed about our session of laughing yoga was not only that it gave the Fun Experts the opportunity to set aside their work in exchange for a morning of good times, but it was also a real confidence booster for many individuals. There were no colleagues, no managers and bosses in the room that morning, it felt like a group of friends all sharing the same experience of fun and laughter together.

I strongly believe that everyone being together in an atmosphere surrounded by positivity and good vibes had a massive effect on the Fun Experts overall productivity, banter and comradery that was evident that day.

If there was one thing that I learnt from Pete and his amazing session, it was that laughter truly is the best medicine and incredibly good for the soul! Just something as simple as setting aside half an hour each morning can have an immeasurable effect upon your employees and their overall approach towards the day.

Going forward, the Fun Experts and Sunshine Events will be getting involved with more fun activities like Pete's laughing yoga, as not only is it something super simple to implement into your mornings, it creates a strong bond between colleagues that is almost impossible to replicate.