University Open Days: Showcase Why Your Uni is the Best Choice

University Open Days: Showcase Why Your Uni is the Best Choice
Event Inspiration | 20-08-2019 | Posted By Mia Williams

As you are well aware, open days are a perfect opportunity to promote your university. You can show potential students what you and the campus lifestyle have to offer, as well as what sets you apart from all the others.

When it comes to university open days, first impressions are everything! As well as having your student ambassadors around the campus answering guests’ burning questions, you'll want to create a bespoke experience that will have them taking pictures, tweeting, and spreading the word far and wide.

In this blog, we provide a list of guest-engaging equipment that universities often ask us about to supply their open days year-on-year, up and down the country.    


If you’re looking to turn heads and astound the crowds, then you need not look any further than our Ballnado Grabber!

Maybe you want to create a little competition to set a high score? How about creating the opportunity to win an amazing prize? Whatever you have in mind, Sunshine Events can brand the Ballnado with bespoke decals and logos of your university

Fun Foods

You know first-hand that there can be a lot of walking involved at university open days. It’s important to keep students fueled up for the day's events - and what better way to feed everyone while adding some excitement than with our taste-bud teasing fun foods?   

From candy floss hire to popcorn and even our pick and mix hire, there's something to satisfy the sweet tooth in everyone with our delicious treats.

Digital Graffiti Wall

What better way to make sure everyone can leave their mark on the day than with your very own digital graffiti wall that they can spray with their own artistic flair? Don’t worry about the mess - there isn’t any! This graffiti wall uses infrared sensors in order to generate a masterpiece. No actual spray paint is needed.

Create a branded picture frame that entices users to share their creative side across all social media platforms by using hashtags and showing audiences just how engaging and entertaining your open day is!  

Rodeo Bull

Nothing turns heads at an event like a quite like our Bucking Bronco. This rodeo bull is an absolute favourite amongst university open days, students, and adults alike. 

Whether you’re looking to engage your audience by setting high scores or give away branded prizes to potential students, the Bucking Bronco is a must-have when wanting to draw in the crowds to your next open day.

Virtual Reality Experience

What if you had the opportunity to transport your guests to a completely different reality from our own? With our Virtual Reality Experience, you can create a whole different world for your guests, creating an entertaining and bespoke experience unrivalled by other universities. 

From walking the plank to defending from oncoming attackers and much more, university open days can become an even more amazing adventure.

Make Your University Open Days Even More Exciting

Hosting a university open day is a significant event when it comes to showcasing what separates your university from all the rest. And also why students should be making their first choice. 

With over 13 years’ experience in bringing fun and entertainment to university open days, and with the added knowledge of our current student Fun Experts, Sunshine Events are the perfect choice when it comes to knowing what fun students are looking for at open days.

So, when it comes to planning your open day event, be sure to give your Fun Experts a call and let us create the perfect open day package that will have your university shining above the rest.