What are you company values?

What are you company values?
News Articles and Talks | 02-09-2019 | Posted By Sunny Sandwell

When it comes to building a business, the very first step in the process is identifying the core values you want your business to encapsulate. Remember, as your organisation grows and evolves, your fundamental values should always remain the same and keep your business on the correct and designated path.

 Where do I start?

It's important to understand that your values are personal to you and for that reason, you shouldn't worry if they aren't the same as other organisations. Your values are going to stem from your individual beliefs and that of your team, meaning it's nigh impossible to replicate the values of others. 

Quick Tip: There is no Right or Wrong answer when it comes to choosing your values 

Furthermore, I highly recommend that being out of the office when you're deciphering your values can be really beneficial as this grants you a broader perspective as your judgement isn't clouded by your surrounding.

Who do I involve in the decision process? 

The values of your business will not only be upheld by yourself but by all the members of your team. Your employees are also representative of your brand and it's ethos, meaning that it's integral you ensure their opinions, feelings and suggestions are all encompassed within the final decision. 

However, it may be quite difficult to organise the time or the space to allow such communication to take place. For this reason, I advise you to set up feedback loops to guarantee the voices of all your employees are heard. Simple things as meeting with the department heads who speak on behalf of your staff is a great and efficient way of collecting and addressing all viewpoints from the organisation.  

 What should I be talking about?

First things first, it's key to understanding that this is one of the most crucial discussions you have as an employer. When it comes to significant decision making, it can be quite a common occurrence for the topic to go off track. To ensure that doesn't happen to you and your team, I have provided you with some question topics to keep the conversation on track. 

  • What things are we most proud of when we think of our company? 
  • To you, what is the most fundamental aspect of this organisation? 
  • What is the one thing that keeps you coming to the office every day? 

When will I know if I have discovered my company values? 

This whole path of discovery could vary from two days to weeks, maybe even two months. My key piece of advice that I give to anybody who says they have now finalised their values is "are you sure? take a break and then go back to them". 

As human beings, it's only natural for us to grow impatient and when it been over two weeks, the urge to just get something written down on paper can be quite prominent. That is why I always suggest people who have finished the search to take a couple of days away to recharge their batteries and come back to the list with a fresh set of eyes and a clear vision in mind.

Lets recap

Like I said at the beginning, the journey to discover your own company values may seem a daunting task but it really doesn't need to be. Patience is key here, taking your time and evaluating the whole situation with a clear mind and broad perspective really can pay dividends to you and your employees further down the line.