Top Tips for Freshers’ Events

Top Tips for Freshers’ Events
Event Planning Advice | 24-07-2019 | Posted By Mia Williams

Starting the next stage of the academic adventure and heading to University can seem like quite a daunting prospect...but it really doesn't need to be. 

There’s a lot more to Freshers’ Events than just partying, budget fancy dress outfits, and alcohol, which you’re likely well aware of by now. 

With many of the Fun Experts fresh from their graduation (and some still students!) we thought we would provide you with some useful and fun tips for freshers’ events to make sure you can plan the most amazing experience for your university’s freshers.

Picking the Right Date 

First thing’s first, you want to make sure you find a suitable date for the Freshers to attend. There’s nothing worse than scheduling a week of fun that turns out to be smack bang in the centre of term time!  

For this reason, The Fun Experts recommend holding your freshers' events during mid to late September. This is before term starts, with students having enough time to move into their new digs and explore their surroundings. 

ATTENTION - As stipulated by UCAS, Universities must not hold Freshers Events or contact students with offers between the 9th of August and the 15th of August. 

Create the Perfect (Fun) Atmosphere 

As you are well aware, Freshers’ Events are full of students who have packed up and left home for the following three years. The majority of them will be outside of their comfort zone and you can use this opportunity to help freshers get to know one another.

Onsite activities can be a great way to break the ice and get rid of the initial awkwardness you tend to find in those situations. And who doesn’t love to have fun?

Activities that involve two or more people and that create endless laughter are a sure-fire way of creating friendships! The Fun Experts have had first-hand experience in watching many students build incredible bonds that last a lifetime with fun equipment such as the Gladiator Joust, the Wipeout Inflatable Challenge, and the Inflatable Ball

Know the Number of Attendees

The number of freshers who are going to attend the event can vary quite a lot, from 50 students to even 500! There is no sure-fire way of predicting the numbers, as a students’ minds can change instantly and someone can be there straight from their halls in a flash!

However, the Fun Experts highly recommend for you to err on the side of caution and organise the event with the higher end of attendees in mind. This way you can ensure all freshers are catered for rather than scrambling last-minute to source extra amenities. Just remember the five P’s: “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”.  

Find a Suitable Venue

One of the golden rules when it comes to planning a freshers’ event is making sure that you booked a suitable venue or space. 

There’s nothing worse than hiring amazingly fun equipment that freshers love, like the Bungee Run, the Bucking Bronco rodeo bull, and Fairground Stalls, only to find out you’ve run out of space!

Not to worry! When you get in touch with the Fun Experts, we offer site visits and site plans to make sure all the equipment fits as well as looking eye-catching to the students. 

You should also bear in mind any access points for individuals who may have disabilities This can include ramps as well as stairs to ensure all students can enjoy the experience on the day - and it will also add a welcoming feeling for students with disabilities.  

Pro Tip: Having the number for the local Taxi firm will not only aid any (merry) freshers in getting home, but also that show student safety is one of your top priorities. 

Last but Not Least: Student Budget

Now, it’s no secret that students are always strapped for cash - that comes hand-in-hand with the student experience, unfortunately! However, you want to make sure your event is as financially relaxing for the freshers as possible, otherwise, they probably won't attend if it's going to dig a hole in their pocket. 

This is why it’s strongly suggested that you DO NOT (and yes, we do feel strongly about this!) charge an entrance fee to the students as they would probably rather spend their money on other things on offer, such as food and alcohol that may be provided.

There may also be scenarios that require direct payment from the students. If that’s the case, we recommend that the event has a plentiful supply of change for those carrying cash as well as using safe methods of money transfer such as PayPal.

Implementing what may seem like teeny tiny details will go a long way in building rapport and trust with students, as it shows them that not only their safety but also their financial wellbeing is a priority. 

Get in Touch with The Fun Experts

Are you looking to create a bespoke Freshers’ Week like no other? The Fun Experts have travelled the country bringing excitement and experiences to hundreds of freshers. 

Be sure to get in touch by giving us a call today on 0800 086 2380 to speak to a Fun Expert who will help you design a Freshers’ Event bespoke to you!