Top 5 Ideas for Corporate Team-Building Activities

Top 5 Ideas for Corporate Team-Building Activities
Event Inspiration | 30-07-2019 | Posted By Mia Williams

Corporate team-building activities are more than just a fun and engaging way for employees to engage with each other. They focus on a particular skill-set that they use in their day-to-day. This blog will provide you with the top 5 ideas of Team Building Activities 

If you want to provide a fun day that focuses on developing certain skills, you can choose a range of activities that will help amplify key expertise that individuals can carry over into their working environment. 


There’s a lot more to archery than just firing the arrow in the target’s direction and hoping it makes the bullseye. It relies upon using not only physical strength but also many different components that ensure optimum focus.

Archery hire for corporate team building events

Much like the working world, archery requires individuals to use their sense of sight, controlled breathing, and make adjustments where needed in order to hit the targets.

With archery hire, not only are you getting the staff out of the office and away from their desks, but you’re also actively demonstrating how the attributes of archery correspond with those that you experience in the 9-to-5 working world.  


A lot of needs within an industry may call for your employees to work together in groups. An integral part of their overall success relies heavily on their communication with each other. Without actively using dialogue within the team dynamic, a vital component will be missing. This can result in the overall failure of a project.

Team building puzzles for corporate team building

Team-building puzzles are an effective way of highlighting the importance of communication and its direct relation to success. With our Puzzle Cube, for example, only one member of a team is able to physically touch the puzzle. The remaining teammates are armed only with their voices and must carefully, clearly and systematically communicate within their team in order to complete their objective. 

Hand-eye Coordination

The business world can be full of surprises, sometimes even requiring us to do multiple things at once. This complex cognitive ability is vital for numerous daily activities in the workplace and it’s definitely a trait worth investing in. 

Walk the Plank for corporate team building events

If you want to encourage teamwork and communication between a team, we have a team-building activity that’s perfect for your event. The brilliance behind the Walk The Plank challenge is that it actively encourages teammates to be aware of their surroundings whilst navigating themselves through the course. 

And like in the business world, it’s important for individuals to be aware of their environment and how their actions could directly impact those around them.


A lot of the time, individuals and teams are required to carefully strategise and justify their ideas before any action can be taken.  Much like the expression goes “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.”

Build a tower for corporate team building events

Building a tower not only requires steady nerves and patience from participants, but it also involves a well-thought-out strategy. This means that it will be the tallest tower in the room and that it will also remain structurally sound, similar to a business model or project plan.  


As simple as it may seem at first (getting the volunteer from point A to point B), we can assure you that is far from reality. Cooperation is an important skill for any employee so that the team is productive and can communicate properly. The Human Buzz Wire is an activity that will put to the test even the most effective team workers.

With the continued threat of setting off the buzzer and returning to the start, teams will use a mix of all the skills listed above in order to carefully navigate the course. Teams must use their communication, focus, hand-eye coordination, and a well-planned strategy in order to effectively and efficiently complete their objective.

Whether planning a corporate team-building event for your employees or conducting a team-building event based upon a specific skill, it is important to first understand what you are looking to get out of the activities before you make a decision. 

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